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rick420.com Cashiers payment information through WESTERNUNION NAME. KENNEDY SCOTT STATE. FLORIDA CITY. MIAMI ZIP CODE. 33018 Fake Marijuanna despensary Miami Florida!!. Please avoid fack online marijuanna Despensary. Here is my scan text messages. Me. How can I order from you. An in MD. Thief. Which strain do you need? Me. afghani kush ,Lemon haze & granddaddy purple. Thief. Give your order from the prices below : 1oz…$280 1/8 pound. $540 1/4 pound. $680 1/2 pound. $870 1 pound. $1660 me. Hi , Am a user just need a some Oz’s. if you can ship to md. Thief. Yes we ship to md Thief. You can check our dispensary website then place your order directly from the website Thief. www.rick420.com Me. ok. what payment do you use. money order ? Thief.Youu2019ll choose your payment option when placing your order on the Me. got it . thank you. Thief.Just received your order Thief. -Strain: Purple Diesel Qty: 1 ounce Price: $290 Shipping option : Express:$40 TOTAL..$630 thief.Cashiers payment information through WESTERNUNION NAME. KENNEDY SCOTT STATE. FLORIDA CITY. MIAMI ZIP CODE. 33018. Me.I want to Half of the oder just be sure once i recieve it will oder the rest. I hope you understand my concern order# 570. Blue dream 1 once 300 can send 320 for shipping total oder was 640 thanks . Thief.ok Thief.we will proceed with packaging right now Thief.how long will it take you to complete payment so we can register your package ? Me . right now one sec thief. do you still have our cashier’s payment information ? Me . yes Me. can it be here by friday since this day is almost over? thief. we do express overnight shipping and delivery is next day. Thief. meaning you will receive your package tomorrow. Me. ok. still have all of my info right .Any test sample for your new customer? thanks Thief. yes i have all your information Thief. i will give you 2 extra grams Thief. send me a full copy of the payment receipt showing senders name Thief. waiting on you to proceed with packaging Me. here it is Me . I never recieve anything all communication was cut by thief.

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