Rick Lax

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Rick Lax

Rick Lax con Artist, Hacker, Lair, Fraud, stay clear of this person He ripped me off for rentals, used fraud in the application and lied about this job Las Vegas Nevada!!. Rick Lax is the biggest con artist on Facebook, You Tube, and the face of the earth. He will lie to get want he wants, cheat you whenever he can, and copy other peoples work whenever he can, he sucks at it too. Rick tries to pull off a trick using letters of state and colors, It’s not really hard to see how that is done my 6 year old does that trick better. those sub standard tricks have been played by everyone who thinks they are good, but mostly sucks at it like Rick Lax. Rick Lax mostly does cheap tricks you can pick up and any store, but you have to be able to do illusions, which Rick Lax can’t, he is no wonder boy at his trade, in fact he is just another scammer fraud who thinks he is something special, and fall way short of that by far. There is nothing of an illusionist unless your are talking of scamming and fraud magic it isn’t. Anyone with any sense will stay miles away from this guy. Rick Lax is extraordinarily bad at every trick he does, and i can’t understand how anyone would would think any differently about him. His whole life has been telling lies, stealing, and cheating people out of whatever he can, stay clear of this Scam Artist, that is the one thing he is good at. Rick Lax is a sick attenton getting, ergotistica fool that time has come and gone. Rick Lax is more a clown then a magician, and a sick one at that. Rick Lax has been trying to scam landlords out of rent for years and claims is really good at it, he would have to be better at that then his magic if he wanted to be successful at that too. I hope this helps others from falling for any of Rick Lax’s BS in this world, and that his 5 minutes of frame is over by now.

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