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RIBI Security

RIBI Security RIBI, RIBISecurity Mandated Work Without Pay Warwick Rhode Island!!. There is a seriously long list of ways in which this company has screwed me. The final straw was them refusing to pay me for the time they required me to be at work. I have email documentation from the company administration to support that they required me to stay additional time without pay. Every day, I not only arrive on time, but I actually arrive early to ensure that I’m not late. There are two witnesses to my punctuality: Grounds Manager James Castle and Cremator Bill Laramee. Every day, literally every day, as I was working 7 days a week for a portion of my time there, I would be required to remain at the post for as long as it took for the next staff to arrive and get through their briefing. The next shift was very rarely on time and almost never early, so I ended up staying late almost every single day for months. If my overtime was under 8 minutes, I was told that I cannot be compensated due to the company’s use of the maritime system. They said the computers cannot process time under 8 minutes. The daily tardiness was usually about 5 minutes. If we take the average time that I was required to remain on duty without pay, without including my time early, that’s 150 minutes per month that I was required by the company to work without pay. If we include my early arrival (as most places allow early check-in) then I’m out an additional 300 unpaid minutes. The two witnesses to my early arrival are also witnesses to my late exit. Yesterday, 11/20/17, I submitted an email to RIBI notifying them that I refuse to continue working without pay, and that I will be leaving at my scheduled time. They replied with an email saying that they do not require employees to work without pay, which contradicts an earlier email from them mandating that I remain on duty without pay. I sent them a response telling them that, if they brush off my concerns again, I would seek legal compensation. I also informed them that I would not accept any off-book or undocumented communications, that all communication had to be on record, and that I would record any attempt at undocumented communication. In retaliation, a field manager visited my site & continuously implied that something was wrong with me for not wanting to work without pay. I have this conversation on video. I then got a phonecall from the owner of the company, not that I knew who he was when he called. I told him to hold on while I put the phone on speaker so that I can record the conversation. He hung up on me. I quit. He then sent me a long email full of praise and telling me that he was going to offer me a raise, but that I violated company policy by disobeying his order to take him off speakerphone. He teased me with money, holding it over my head. How can I work under constant stress from these harassers? They also offered me a raise about a month ago and never delivered on it. I am not the first individual that this company has screwed. Please help.

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