Reza "Ray" Behroozian Stole Your Money

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Reza "Ray" Behroozian Stole Your Money | Reza "Ray" Behroozian Stole Your Money? Meir Vaknin will sue for you

Reza Behroozian Stole your money? Meir Vaknin will sue for you (154 gailcrest circle)&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&–I finally have found the solution to sue them and get them to rightful justice. I am a practicing lawyer who has made a deal with certain agencies. Contact me today! Meir Vaknin can take Reza Behroozian and the corrupt detective to court and get you your money back!! you can take that to the bank! If your scared you may visit me discretely at my home at154 Gailcrest Circle, Thornhill, Ontario.You can Contact me at 416-898-6638 – Meir VakninYou don’t pay unless i get you the results we agree upon! I want to gather evidence while i get you all your money back until I have enough evidence to bring this man to justice. Help us Help you. Only I, Meir Vaknin can get the job done.The Behroozian and Maleki Scam Headquarters(905) 787-966657 May AveRichmond Hill, ON L4C 3S7Do you know these animals advertised a bunch of cars as late as Nov.20.2010 and took down payments on them. He told us to pick them up on Dec.02.2010. We were greeted by an empty store front and a notice of closure (“legal abandonment”) was posted. This animal premeditated and executed a purposeful scam with the help of his entire family- wife Afarin Maleki and his son Armin Behroozian .You can see proof of his last posting of automobiles here: second screen capture shows that he posted those automobile ads on Sat. Nov. 20, 2010. He abandoned and ran away with the automobiles and money on Nov.30.2010. The landlord, who suspected he was abandoning the premises, closed down shop on Dec.01. 2010. The place was completely empty. He ran this scam by stating he was doing a “renovation” sale and lowered the prices to sucker people in. He collected at least $100, 000 in “down payments” on automobiles that he never delivered and never intended to deliver. His whole family is in on the scam. The automobiles were moved intact to another yet unnamed used car dealership and should not be legally sold.If you have further questions you can contact Glen @ 416-785-5165 (leaser of building). He can only confirm that Reza Behroozian premeditated this.He can not help you get any money back (please do not ask him as he has nothing to do with Toronto Auto Station. He was only the landlord and helpless to stop them)). If you want to press charges or “file a complaint” please notice that a Detective Maurizio Gentili of York Regional Police will try to take the file from Toronto Police and ask that it be referred to York Region Police. If this happens you will be threatened by Detective Maurizio Gentili to “drop it or else…”.This is where I come in discretely where i cant be touched and you should have no fear, everything will be done discretely for a good causeits time to fight scams and put an end to this.time to get rid of the dirty cops as wellLocation: 154 gailcrest circleImage Of Criminal Reza “Ray” Behroozian: not contact the York Regional Police. The family has sleazy, dirty and anti-Semitic officers on their side who will aggressively pursue you into criminal harassment charges. USE A LAWYER to sue. This is where I can help. The family also is affiliated with various Afghani and Iranian street gangs. Reza “Ray” Behroozian’s niece is currently charged with Accessory to murder. These people are dangeorus so a Lawyer is needed to navigate this corrupt nest of cockroaches:Image of Accessory to Murder suspect: Maryam Torabipour of 18 Edgar Ave. and employee of Royal Bank of Canada Dufferin/Steeles location: (She is the pale large person in the middle)

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