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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) scammed me White plains New York!!. It was March 20th I believe I was looking up something on the internet when a page popped up with a picture of three boxes maybe treasure boxes I donu2019t remember but it said something to the tune of pick a mystery box I did they said Iu2019d won a one thousand dollar gift card Then I took some surveys then it said weu2019ve already reserved your prize or something like that but you must claim one deal i believe they called it a gold deal I did my mother wanted to research the people I was dealing with (Iu2019m 30 and still live with my parents) so I took a break for about a week then went back to the page I had on my phone it I continued to the next page it said something like the prize is yours but you must claim I believe two silver deals I did I can say for sure one was for coffee witch I have revived to boxes of by now but still so anyway I went to bed that night got up the next morning continued to the next page witch said that I had to claim eight I believe platinum deals so I did then on the last one it said you qualify for a reward I looked selected a five hundred dollar gift card I had me take a survey then it said something like the reward is yours just one last step witch lead me to a page that said you must claim one deal every time I did it lead me back to that same page I mustu2019ve selected that five binder dollar gift card and taken that same survey three or four times they scammed me on a one thousand dollar gift card and for all I know three or four five hundred dollar amazon.col gift cards I got on there website today it immediately something like youu2019ve one a one thousand dollar amazon gift card then I had to take a survey and I only got on there website to try to contacts them they scammed me

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