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The place should be shut down because it is not worth going for.

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04 September 2019

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I went to the Revitalife Health Spa recently to give my face a better shape. I was a grown-up now and every year the skin of our face gets old and the irregularities and uneven lines at the corner of the lips becomes noticeable. Therefore, I decided to get it fixed in the Revitalife Health Spa as they offer too many advance methods to restore youthfulness. I opted for facial contouring. The method of restoring my face seemed quite generous and obvious. I never knew this could become the worst ever treatment of my life.
To begin I must say the time management of the place is the thing to look upon on a very serious note. My appointment was made at 10 am but I got to meet the doctor at 1 pm. Being on time was of no use. There was no proper waiting arena and it was all messy. I didn’t get a seat for about an hour because there were very few to be counted and also not in a very good condition. Nevertheless, it was such a long wait that my stomach was aching and I was feeling thirsty as well. It’s formal to bring a glass of water or at least a cup of coffee for their patient, but the staff members were useless. They kept gossiping with each other all the time. I don’t know what they were kept for. I asked for a book from a magazine so that I could pass the time until my turn to come, but it was not available. Finally, it was my turn after 3 long hours and I went inside the doctor’s room.
It was already getting late but the doctor didn’t even bother to ask me about it. He was busy with his phone call and went on for quite sometimes. I was already annoyed by the management faculty and the doctor seemed to annoy me even more. He didn’t pay attention to me for the next 25 minutes until he kept the damned phone call. Nothing could have been more important than a patient’s life and time. Without even looking at me once he made a prescription as soon as he could to send me off. I was not at all convinced to leave the room until I would ask him about my queries. I started asking him for the cause of giving me medicines to which he replied in a very rude manner about being a ‘reputed’ doctor. No patient should ask him any questions. He said he was good enough in his job than anyone else could be and directed me to follow the medicines for the next 7 days and come back again for facial contouring. I made myself convinced that I would take my business elsewhere because the behavior of the doctor was not at all good and it could easily piss off a patient. Every patient has the right to ask questions but the doctor here doesn’t even give a proper answer.

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