Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Scam, dishonest Usa Internet!!. Reviewstream is a website that claims that you can monetised your experiences. They claimed that you can write reviews on anything as long as its your own experience. But do not get scam by them! They’ll actually reject your reviews, and without good reasons! (It’s usually “Entertaining and helpful but not unique”. You’ll never know what they mean by unique.) This is especially when you’re nearing your cash out rate, to make sure you cannot cash out . I still haven’t been able to cash out because they start to reject every reviews when I am a small amount away. They basically want your reviews but do not want to pay you for them. The way they arrive at the cash out rate is very weird. It’s 10x the normal rate of your first accepted review, even if they’re paying you at bulk rate, which is 1/5 of the normal rate. I don’t think they ever pay the normal rate, so you’ll need to be writing at least 40-50 reviews just to cash out. By the time they start giving you problems by pulling the “reject all” stunt, you’d have written at least 30 reviews for them already! They know you’ll be at their mercy so they start to be rude and threaten to close down your account if you question them. When I contacted them, asking them for some guidelines about what kind of reviews they prefer and accept, what they feel is unique. They came back saying that they won’t teach people to write and that my reviews are just bad and that the picture are lousy. It’s funny because they have been accepting over 30 of my reviews and they only think they’re bad now? If you visit their site, you’ll find many reviews with worse grammar and pictures than mine! I wrote back in and told them I am very confused because I see that the sites have reviews that are not very helpful and with lousy pictures too. They started getting nasty by threatening to close down my account! I was furious so I wrote in and told them to take down my profile, photo and reviews (since they didn’t paid me because I haven’t reach the cash out) if they close down my account, but they reply saying it’s their property now and they can do whatever they want! My account was close by them eventually but my reviews and profiles are still up on the site and the annoying thing is that I am still receiving emails when users reply to my reviews! It’s just annoying! I wrote back in again to ask them to stop sending those emails to me and they just curse and ask me to leave them alone! They’re a scam site that doesn’t pay! They lure you in by accepting most of your reviews at first but start to reject everything later on so you can never cash out! Another thing to note is that, NEVER to upload your photo on the site, you can never take them down ever!

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