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RETRO FITNESS FOREST HILLS FRAUD FOR MOVING CHARGE $83.00 FOREST HILLS NEW YORK!!. If there was a -5, would be the best suitable review. Absolutely horrible experience and I wouldn’t recommend this gym to anyone. The only real convenience is the free parking, which is a big deal in Queens area.First of all, I have been with this gym for over a decade, when it used to be Synergy and it was so much better. I have been to Retro in Long for years and in Queens but this Forest Hills VIP branch is really going down hill.They charged me $83.00 for cancelling due to moving which is not mentioned on the contract nor was ever mentioned verbally. This is totally illegal and unprofessional. The staff (Jadi or JS or something like that) couldn’t be more rude, non empathetic and unprofessional. I never paid in my life for having to move in another area and giving all the proving paperwork. They also charged my husband $80.00-$100.00 for personal training that was supposed to be 40′ that ended up being 30′ with the trainer taking my husband to the machines because as per the excuse there is not enough space. The gym is tiny, half the machines not working, and water is dripping from the celling. On top of all this scum and ridiculous fees the staff attitude is unprofessional, not explanatory and they try to make money with a sneaky way and make up fees the last minute. They try aggressively to make money and they don’t fully explain their questionable contracts. When we were signing up we had some questions with my husband, we had a bad feeling and the explanations we were getting were very vague. Instead of explaining things to us, the kids who work there made fun of us and laughed as a response to our questions.I was transferred from another gym and was told from Lisa that my transfer was going to take 10 days…it took 3 months!! I was going every day trying to get a resolution, called more than 10 times and they still were not doing anything. They found about the mistake 3 months later and in the meantime they were giving me hard time every time I would go because they couldn’t see me in the system. They never apologized, or even said sorry out of courtesy, instead they charged me another 3 MONTHS! because of their late transfer. Cold, not understanding and not caring at all they demanded me to pay for it. Stay away from this gym and don’t spend your hard working money, it is not worth a penny. I WANT BACK MY $83.00. There is no such term in my contract neither was ever mentioned. Amex 3726 card ID: 1414328

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