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Retriever Towing Review

Retriever Towing

I went to jantzen beach to get cigarettes, my home care provider was driving due to my dissabillity. we could not find a handicapped parking space, so she pulled up against the wall next to the dumpster without obstructing any vehicles coming or going. I have parked there in the past and have seen other cars parked there. We saw no signs, and we were only going to be a minute. When we got out of the car, there was a man standing ther talking on his cell phon. by the way my arm is in a sling and I use a 4 post cane due to my disability. I also had my sticker in the window. about 30 seconds after we turned the corner, we hadn’t even reached the door to the establishment we were headed to, the man that was on the cell phone ran up to us and said they are towing your car’, well being that I was unable to run, Pam ran towards the car, while the man ran the opposite direction, hoping to see the tow truck coming from behind the building. no luck. It was like he vanished into thin air. About ten minutes later I saw another truck pull past me, I stopped him, asked was he the one that towed my car, he replied how long ago, I answered about ten minutes. He said it wasn’t him but if I called on monday to talk to a supervisor he may give me a break due to my disability and the fact that I know the person had to have been watching us. I called on monday but I was told to call back tuesday morning and talk to chuck. I was also told at that time that I was towed because I was blocking the garbage can. On tuesday when I talked to chuck the supervisor, he had a different story, Chuck said I was blocking a firelan, but I wasn’t. I explained to him that I was disabled and that was my only to get back and forth to the doctor, I also explained to him not only was I on a fixed income and my homecare provider does all the drivin, and i wouldn’t get another check until th 1st. of april. He didn’t care, he told me if I picked my car up befor 6:00pm that evening it would cost me $264.00 to get out, which of course I didn’t have. I couldn’t get a break. My mother loaned me $100.00 on thursday, and I continued trying to get the rest. When I called on Friday, march 13th, I was told I needed to have $418.00. I asked why so much, the man replied, that on the fifth day they file for a lean an I had to pay that fee, also in order to pick my car up on saturday they would have to pull a driver off the street to met me, which would be a additional $25.oo. I asked why wasn’t I told about this lean thing, I called on the fifth day, his excuse was maybe it hadn’t been put in the system yet, in my opinion it had to be in the system in order for them to tell me all of the other information on prior days.


  1. Chu Mcaree May 25, 2020
  2. Lindsey Labore May 25, 2020

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