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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) They are scammers. They charged twice what they said they would for their “product” and they have been harassing us with dozens of calls a day. CancĂșn Quintana Roo!!. This started with a unsolicited sales call to my fiancee. They claim to sell a vacation package that includes several 4-7 day vacations and a cruise, which you can use anytime over the next 5 years, for $1000. After she gave them her credit card number, they said they needed a scan of her drivers license and she got suspisious and asked me about it. I researched them and found several message boards that identify them as scammers. We then logged into her credit card account and saw two charges totaling $2000. They couldn’t have known this but my fiancee is a little paranoid and, whenver she buys something over the phone, she records her phone conversations. She played the original conversation for me and, sure enough, they said it would cost $1000. We then called her credit card company and told them everything and they siad they’d reverse the transaction but suggested we cancel the card to prevent the scammers for making new charges. I own a timeshare and I use Interval International to go to other timeshares around the world. We stayed at a very nice place in Cancun that offers a package that sounds very simular to this scam but there are some differences. They offered us a 3 vacation package where we could go back to the same place in Cancun, to their place in Costa Rica, and to their place in Orlando. Of course, the cost was higher than $1000 and we had to go to a timeshare pitch. When I looked at their website, I saw that it lists the actual hotels that their package uses (the one I stayed at was listed). So I went to the hotels website and got their phone number and then called them directly. They verified that it was legit. If you look at, you’ll notice that they do not mention the actual hotels they’ve partnered with; they only mention the cities so there is no way to verify that what they are selling is real. Anyways, here is one of the message boards. Just search on “Resort Link International” and you’ll see others who were scammed.

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