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Reserve Memberhip Travel Membership Scam Las Vegas Nevada!!. My husband and I attended a presentation there in April 26, 2018 at Alexis Resort in Las Vegas and boy was it the biggest mistake. It took us about a month to finally get in contact with someone, which then we were informed we were beyond the 5 days we had to cancel. They proceeded to tell us how that in the state of Nevada, “legallyu201d they are not required to disclose cancellation information in the contracts. They will NOT let you cancell!! Iu2019ve sent certified letters and everything. Currently we are still in the dispute process. Originally they lied about the way we were going to be billed for this account. However, once we returned back to Texas from our vacation we received a bill in the mail advising us that they opened a credit card in my husbands name and charged the $4000 to their program. I of course tried to contact “customer serviceu201d which is simply impossible to speak to a REAL person. So I contacted the credit card company and advised them of what happened. I sent them a general statement on how we were not informed of the credit card and sent in contracts from the company. The credit card advised us to dispute the charge, as we did. Only then did they attempt to reach out. The guy named “Charlesu201d persisted and demanded that we cancel the dispute with the credit card company otherwise they would send over their documents to prove it was a fraudulent charge on our behalf. I abruptly let “Charlesu201d know that I had already sent the same documents to the credit card company that he claimed he would be sending along with our statement of what happened… He kept saying that if the claim continues then the credit card company would do a charge back and charge the money back to the card and we would still be responsible for the program and we would have no use of the program afterwards and they would send something to the credit bureaus and that would ding our credit about 150 points. I have been cooperating with the credit card company and they advised me that if they do not hear from them by August 8, then the claim will be closed in our favor… My issue is what will happen next? I sent them certified letters to cancel and still they wonu2019t do anything. The issue I have is with them sending something to collections and them dinging our credit 150 points like they said would happen. Their services are garbage and we have received nothing of what they promised, ie “free tripsu201d the voucher they gave at the presentation doesnu2019t work when you attempt to redeem it online… He always had an answer for everything but what I asked…Even if they send something to collections I will just dispute it because this should be illegal of them scamming people out of their hard earned money. My husband and I normally have a strong head when it comes to attending timeshares and walking out with out joining them but my husband said this one could be beneficial to his company gatherings with his colleagues. Turns out the same online searches you do YOURSELF is the same prices they quote you for the rooms as well. SO WHAT EXACTLY are we paying for? I wish this nightmare would just go AWAY!! Biggest mistake ever!!! I donu2019t even want to return to back Vegas after this ordeal. I feel so disgusted at the way they are allowed to scam people.

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