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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) National Recovery They were hired by my Ex to unlawfully reposess my car Nationwide!!. I broke up with my fiance due to a very unhealthy relationship. I moved from Tennessee to Florida to get away from him. I refused his calls an dtexts so that angered him to harrass and threaten me. I was granted a 3 year order of protection against him now because of that he is angered even more and up heaving my life by now taking my car. I am the Main buyer and he is a cosigner. I make all the payments on time and am current with my payments. I am insured in the state of Fl and pay the insurance as well. He lives in TN. He somehow hied this company who in turn hired a repo company to take my car. I called the lien holder for my car and the assured me they had nothing to do with the repo because my account is in good standing. I have spent the entire day calling the recovery and repo companies and the repo compay tells me they cannot release my car without consent from the recovery place that hired them. I left arpund 6 or 7 voicemails ans an email and noone will return my calls. The lien holder notified my ex. recovery, and the repo place that i am current and to release my car and they will not. I cannot get any results or answers about getting my car back. This has all been done out of vengence

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