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In 2010 I bought 3 watches at Replicahause. They all have a good, look alike, quality. Depending on the price one more than an other. I only have technical problems with one watch, the Jaeger-le Coultre Duometre in pink gold. This watch has 3 built-in defaults :the hands, the day – setting and the slipping of the extra energy winder. My private repairman in the Netherlands is waiting for parts from the Eta importer. It all takes a lot of time. I already consulted mrs. A. Jenson (october) for the return address (Bangkok? USA?), but no comment! Yesterday (12/22/2010) I sent her a new Email and I hope she comes with a straight solution, during the next days. After all she offers a guarantee! I will keep you informed when her answer comes/or does not come! Regards, Richard H. Banning Netherlands.

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