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RepairXperts Micheal C. Barton ,Founder, Gutted completely my desktop computer Deer Park Texas!!. 9/23/17 In February of 2019 I took my desktop in because I wasn’t sure wheter the issue was in the switch or the power supply, tech said no problem he’d check it out & suggessted I could upgrade for a mininumn cost I agreed. After a few weeks I called back to see how it was progressing & was told he’s been to busy to look at it give him awhile, no problem. Then weeks ran into months with more excuses; that the owner, Mr. Micheal Barton has another business & he’s cut the money flow so it makes it difficult to purchase the parts but as soon as the tech can will order the parts needed, now keep in mind all the parts were inside the computer when I took it in. I kept callling or stopping by for weeks & by then more excuses, calling several times leaving my name & phone number never once did anyone return my calls. I called the business in August of this year & the tech was on vacation none of the other techs new anything so I told them that when the tech comes back from vacation I’ll give him 1 week to put it together & I’ll pick it up. 2 weeks has passed now this is September I called & they couldn’t find it. My reply was they’d better find it because ready or not that the folowing weekend I’ll be in to pick it up. When I arrived to pick it up I found everything removed, I mean everything was gone; no wiring, memory, cpu, motherboard, nothing left. Everything was stripped out. The only thing was left was the case, fan & DVD player. To say I am quite upset is mild.

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