Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) repair surge auto repair manual . repair surge llc they claim to have information to repair vehicles when they dont have it they also claim they would issue a refund but instead they game me the run around kept doing tricks so i would believe they had and , even sent me to a library website where after wasting time i didnt find any information to repair my car. Internet!!. claimed to have information to repair my car but when i purchased the repair manual it had no information on how to fix it and it lead to a dead end .When i realized that it really had nothing to repair my cars transmission i contact them , they change the model of my car and still nothing i told them to please give me a refund that there was no information on how to repair my car so then they gave me a link to a library i was not happy there was nothing there so i contacted them again to ask for a refund and still nothing so i ended up contacting my bank to tell them and the bank gave me the money back , repair surge tried the hardest to rip me off and not give me my refund, making me waste time for days and still didnt want to give me the refund so i decided to file this report because it wasnt fair and they made me waste time and didnt want to give me a redund. if you need a repair manual try to look somewhere else because if you use you may endup paying for nothing and wasting a lot of time if you want a refund. Specially if you own a benz, audi, Bmw be ready to loose your money…. i don’t know about the american cars because usually those are easier to find information on how to repair them. Spread the word !! Beware of post on their facebook page about it and also make youtube videos explaining how they work and don’t want to give a reasonable refund .

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