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Renewal by Andersen Review

Renewal by Andersen

I was given the wrong date (3/18/2014 included Sunday) on the cancellation part of the contract. The following Wednesday and Thursday I tried to call the salesman to cancel but he never answered my calls. I know that I missed the 3 day window by speaking to someone in their Renewal by Anderson office on Friday, March 21st after signing the contracts on Saturday, March 15th. I did speak to a secretary and told her that I wanted to cancel the contract and the measurement appointment. She told me that the person I needed to speak to was away and she would have her return my call the following Monday. On Tuesday the manager told me I couldn”t cancel. I think I have been scammed by Renewal by Andersen in Northborough, MA. The Manager at Renewal by Anderson was already holding half the loan, $3, 407.33 from a company called GreenSky. A $100 check given to them for a building permit but that was finally returned. They are trying to keep 25% of the loan amount! This is over $1600 for nothing. NO ORDER WAS EVER MADE FOR THE WINDOWS AS NO MEASUREMENTS WERE EVER TAKEN. I feel that this cancellation penalty is very unfair. The window replacement cost was supposed to include a 20% discount for buying five windows plus an additional 5% discount for signing the contract that same day that the salesman was there. I feel that the price ($6714) of these windows to TOO high. The manager of Renewal by Anderson claims their pricing is regulated by the government. This whole situation has been a nightmare for me. I now find myself unemployed and facing a debt that should not even exist!


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