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Reliance Home Comfort | Seniors/Young Children - No Heat in Winter for 5 days

I have noticed in prior posts that this thread is monitored by Reliance Home Comfort personnel, please forward the message below to Mr Rossi, as the message appears to have been rejected as being undeliverable.Dear Mr Rossi.My name is Marco Pizzolo, and it is now 1.5 days that we are nowwithout heating, and with seniors and young children in our home, weare being told that we will have to face another 3 days/nights withoutheat. We are current customers of Reliance Home Comfort, and arepaying for your maintenance contract on our furnace and airconditioner. We are in need of a simple part for our furnace thataccording to your technician is a common problem, yet your supportlines indicate that there is not a single replacement part in theirwarehouses.I’ve offered to drive to any location in order to pick one up, butyour support team did not even have the courtesy to follow through ontheir commitment to call me back after speaking to the operationsmanager for my area.Calling back to escalate the problem resulted in further failure, as asupervisor told my father that he didn’t see value in putting into anemail the commitments that Reliance would make to address our problem.I’ve attempted one additional communication in order to reach amanager immediately, explaining the complete failures of priorattempts, and that failure this time would lead to a lawsuit.At no point did anyone in your organization offer any means to remedythe situation, such as:- reimburse me if I could source the part elsewhere- put my family up in a hotel given the temperatures and ages of the residentsI can only presume that as the leader of this organization thisbehaviour is either condoned, or unknown by you, thus I am trying tomake you aware of how your customers are being treated.If you believe you can remedy this problem today, I welcome your response.If my issue is of no consequence to you or Reliance Home Comfort, thenplease disregard this email, and I will look elsewhere for a voicethat will listen and pay attention.Kindest Regards, Marco Pizzolo

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