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Shittiest clinic in the area

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15 September 2019

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If you ever decide to visit this clinic then read my review first because it might help you to save your time and money both. I recently had a very terrible experience with this dentist office and it still gives me a nightmare to me. I decided to visit Reitano Dentistry because I needed to have crowns and fillings for my teeth.
I make sure to visit one of the dentists in town who offers quality services and when it comes about my dental health I make sure that I consult one of the best and for that, I did some research and found Reitano Dentistry. They had good ratings and reviews and I swear you will not going to find any of negative review about them. I wonder why people have mostly given them 5 stars then got to know later on that they had hired some kind of marketing agency which controls their ratings online and my decision to visit this office proved absolute misery for me. I thought that my treatment will be smooth and it will not going to hurt me because Reitano Dentistry has claimed on their website that they use one of the latest methods to treat their patients but during my visit, the doctor was unprofessional. It seemed like he didn’t know anything about dentistry. And I really hated that. Imagine getting treatment from a dumb and stupid dentist. He can’t even fix a crown properly and after several attempts, he called his senior doctor to get the things done for me. Their customer service sucks and is below average because I saw one of their staff members behaving very bad with their patients. As far as I know, the patient was in tremendous pain and the staff member was least bothered to get him some pain killers or medicine. Seriously if this is the way Reitano Dentistry is going to treat their patients then sooner or later they will have to pay for all of this. Reitano Dentistry charged me twice on my card without even asking me or taking my permission and for that purpose, I consulted the front desk guy for the explanation for this, the bastard was treating me like trash who doesn’t know anything.
I asked him why did they charge twice on my card and he completely denied it by saying that they know their work and they don’t pursue acts like these. I tried to bring up this issue with the management of the place but she was least bothered about it too. In fact, she told me that they will send me a refund within a week but I haven’t received it for a month. I don’t know what to say about this place except that it was one of my biggest mistakes to come here. This place is a sham.
I was the victim of it and I know the people at Reitano Dentistry are scammers and liars who will try to rip you off so stay away from such places.

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