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Regina Pearl Pennamon Thompkins Obtaining Services and Property by False Pretenses Stockbridge Georgia!!. Enclosed please find a pre-certified, to be filed SUMMONS, COMPLAINT and VERIFICATION in the above referenced of your intent to cheat Jubilee Diversified Services which by also obtaining the services of said did in fact cheat Jubilee causing irreparable injury to the company. The provisions of law on the subjects have made it reasonable to correct what amounts to a denial of several rights, including constitutional rights and calls for the intervention of the courts. CC: refer to prosecutor for criminal charges (federal) Planet Home Lending Attention: Loss Draft Department 5225 Crooks Road u2018 Troy, MI 48098-2823 (877) 634-0988 Email: [email protected] To include forwarding complaint/criminal case to Josh Clark @ USAA. Obtaining property by false pretenses is a serious crime punishable as a felony. State law makes it a crime for a person to obtain something of value from another person by means of any kind of false pretense. For a person to be guilty of obtaining property by false pretenses, the following elements must be proven: the defendant made a representation to another. this representation was false. this representation was calculated and intended to deceive. the victim was in fact deceived by this representation. the defendant thereby obtained or attempted to obtain property from the victim. The coincident rights of the Plaintiff making the complaint, growing out of the contract by which defendant chose to defraud the above by not paying for requested services after services were accepted by defendant is what the law calls intent to defraud and is punishable as per legislatures intent. How does such an act lessen the binding efficacy of plaintiffu2019s contract. The right to the money owed remains and no settlement less than as advised by counsel can be accepted as payment when the fraud continues to exist. The authority of the legislature to frame rules by which the right of redemption may be rendered effectual cannot be questioned, and the most appropriate and least burdensome of these is the notice required by statute. It has been cruel and barbarous treatment as to have my company 5 u2018 6 hours away from its base in Charlotte NC to be served with these disparities in Stockbridge GA. Plaintiff has been offered such indignities as to render the present condition of Defendants actions upon Plaintiff intolerable to the point of strong consideration of not settling this case by way of introducing it to the Prosecutor for an indictment; the insurance company of the insured for fraudulent use of monies intended for specific use and to the said mortgage company listed on record for any other charges they wish to levy against homeowner for violation of its policies. Plaintiff welcomed a settlement in this matter on 13 Apr 17 with a two-week stipulation for payment of $1,000.00 as discussed with a concerned party before consulting counsel, but upon legal advice, in light of expenses incurred and damages which far exceeds the above amount, it is strongly suggested that criminal charges be filed for various legal reasons to be disclosed at a later date along with evidence of fraud. Petitioner also sues for any additional expenditures incurred later of this letter of complaint for settlement to include but not limited to attorney fees as case progresses. (Evidence to follow)

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