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REED NISSAN – ORLANDO, FL Replace Coils; Changed lines; Filled Transmission Fluid Orlando FL!!. Good Day All,Be advised this place is a Scam! I got my 2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada towed there on April 16, 2017. I spoke to a gentleman in service named Dustin (ext.129). I explained to Dustin via phone that my vehicle stopped moving and that I saw a puddle of transmission fluid. He said that he would get it looked at, then would give me a call. He called me back the next day. He told me that I had an issue with my coils, needed a trans flush, and recommended a few other services. He said that AFTER they did a complete diagnostic that my total would come to $926.He said that nothing else was noticed and that it would be ready later on, but at latest the next day. less than an hour later, Dustin called and advised me that after they filled the fluids and changed the lines my transmission started smoking internally. He said that my transmission was gone. He mentioned a repair cost of $5,100. I said NO! They misdiagnosed the problem and now they want me to pay over $500 for the services that were rendered. So basically, I get my vehicle towed there for them to change some lines, fill my fluid, and the truck still isn’t running?! Does that seem logical in any way? He then put his Service Manager on the phone who does not want to release my vehicle until I pay the fee. Dustin DID NOT tell me that it would be $926 to start, but could be more if any other issues arose. He said that the diagnostic was completed and gave me the findings. I was misled to believe that my car would be up and running after I paid the $926 fee. I am a military veteran that has proudly served my country, and to think a company such as this would Scam its customers is a travesty! I will contact my attorney in the morning on this matter. I did not sign ANYTHING!

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