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Redwood Code Academy Founder of Redwood Code Academy Harrison Spain

Redwood Code Academy (Founder of Redwood Code Academy Harrison Spain) DO NOT GO TO REDWOOD CODE ACADEMY!… It’s BULLS*. It has been ONE YEAR, and I applied at OVER 250 developer positions, and I STILL DON’T HAVE A WEB DEVELOPER JOB!… AND I got banned from Redwood Code Academy for sending the Head of Outcomes an insulting email. Santa Ana California!!. Redwood Code Academy Review Title: DO NOT GO TO REDWOOD CODE ACADEMY!u2026 Itu2019s BULLS*. It has been ONE YEAR, and I applied at OVER 250 developer positions, and I STILL DONu2019T HAVE A WEB DEVELOPER JOB!u2026 AND I got banned from Redwood Code Academy for sending the Head of Outcomes an insulting email. Background: My name is Brian Chotisunanta. I attended Redwood Code Academy from March 2019 u2018 July 2019 for both the front end and full stack classes. Part-time front end class (No longer being offered): Date: March 7, 2019 u2018 May 11, 2019 Days and Time: Tues & Thur, 6:30 PM u2018 9:30 PM Instructor: Billy Pruden (lead instructor) Full-time full stack class: Date: April 24, 2019 u2018 July 14, 2019 Day and Time: Mon u2018 Fri, 9 AM u2018 5 PM Instructors: Billy Pruden (lead instructor), Harrison Spain (founder and lead instructor), and Taylor Thomas (assistant instructor who joined during the week starting on May 15, 2017). Starting in Sept. 2016, I visited every single coding bootcamp in the LA and OC area. I was going to attend General Assembly in LA in Nov 2019 but backed out because the admissions guy kept pushing me to enroll, which I didnu2019t like. After the part-time front end class ended, I was thinking about going to either Coding Dojo in April/May 2017, and considered going to General Assembly again in May 2017, because I figured since Billy Pruden attended the General Assembly Web Immersive Program a year prior, and seeing how good he is as a developer, I must have been wrong about General Assembly months ago, and thought about reconsidering because I wasnu2019t sure what the .NET framework was. Before reading the Review, I would like to define what defamation is to avoid legal conflicts and to prevent my review from being removed: My review for Redwood Code Academy is not an attempt at committing defamation, specifically libel, which is written defamation. I am citing defamation from the following source: Defamation is not a crime. To show Defamation, you need to show published, false, injurious, and unprivileged statements. “Published” means that a third party heard or saw the statement — that is, someone other than the person who made the statement or the person the statement was about. A defamatory statement must be false – otherwise, it’s not considered damaging. Even terribly mean or disparaging things are not defamatory if the shoe fits. The statement must be “injurious.” Since the whole point of defamation law is to take care of injuries to reputation, those suing for defamation must show how their reputations were hurt by the false statement. The offending statement must be “unprivileged.” Under some circumstances, you cannot sue someone for defamation even if they make a statement that can be proved false. I know Harrison Spain is going to try to have my review removed and/or threaten legal action against me. I have to protect myself by stating what Defamation is before proceeding with my review. All statements made by me in this review are accurate and true! Review Itu2019s quite long, so you might want to sit down and get some coffeeu2026 Look, initially a month after the bootcamp, I wrote a very positive, good review about Redwood Code Academy. But I never posted it on or because I wanted to see how things played out after attending the coding bootcamp, especially in terms of post-bootcamp support, and in gaining employment as a web developer after going here. I have to take some responsibility because I made the choice to go here. BUT, I only went here because after speaking with Harrison in-person TWICE, I felt like this is the guy that can help me and teach me the necessary skills to get a web developer job in 2017u2026 I was wrongu2026 it is now June 2018 and I still donu2019t have a web developer jobu2026 and honestly, Iu2019m in financial trouble because of the SkillsFund loan that was used to fund my Redwood tuition. The Good: I meanu2026 You get a lot of errors when you code, especially with JavaScript and when you start learning Angular.js and the instructor is always running around class helping everybody fix errors to get our apps working. They do help you, and they are always open to questions. It was a pretty laid back atmosphere most days. The most stressful weeks were the three project weeks because you had to build a web app with the things that you learned, even though you donu2019t fully understand everything that youu2019ve learned. We played a lot of ping-pong. We had pizza parties, free candy bars and candy, and got a free Redwood tee-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, stickers, a water bottle, and a paper certificate (I actually disposed all of these thingsu2026 as you keep reading my review you will understand why u2018 I will be posting the video of this on my youtube channel, where I will be talking about my experience at Redwood u2018 Stay tuned!). On the day of the final project presentation, there was lots of food and drinks. These things are the only highlights of going to Redwood! I did get some help with the code for a web app that I was building, in Dec 2017, a few months after the bootcamp, but it took them over two weeks to get back to me, and they only added 10-15 lines of code, to help me get my functionalities working properly. ONE THING THAT REDWOOD IS GOOD AT: Redwood Code Academy, specifically Harrison, is good at marketing his coding bootcamp as the go-to coding bootcamp in Orange County, CA. Redwood is claiming to be u201cu2026 the Fastest Growing Orange County Coding Bootcampu201d (taken from Harrison is definitely good at misleading people into thinking that you will be learning current, in-demand, relevant skills, at least he did to me in 2019 and the rest of the other people that went to Redwood in 2017, when in reality, that was not the case. I mean, clearly states on its homepage: u201cWe make becoming a software developer a reality. Join our growing community of passionate, driven, and motivated coders. People enroll at Redwood Code Academy Orange County coding bootcamp to change their lives by learning skills that the world needs.u201d Now the last sentence in this quote is definitely hypocrisy! Itu2019s BULLSHIT! Basically, what Iu2019m saying, Harrison is a master BULLS*R, Marketer, Scammer!… and heu2019s good at it The Bad: I have to tell it like it isu2026 False promises, Misleading actions, and Breach of Contract: I never received or undergone help in resume writing, online profile setup, such as LinkedIn, interview prep, mock in-person interviews, and mock phone interviews, like Harrison said we would do from Day 1. This is why Iu2019m still struggling to this day. Let me tell you, I paid for this stuff and it never happened. I want my money backu2026 seriously and immediately!!! I actually had to take a resume/cover letter writing course 3 months after the bootcamp, to learn how to effectively write my resume. Redwood never followed through with everything that they said, either in-person, on, and/or on their brochure. I am referencing the 2019 Redwood Code Academy online pdf brochure because that was the year that I attended Redwood. The brochure can be found here: I mean they say in their brochure, u201cYour success is our success. We will do everything we can to help you meet your goals.u201d BULLS*! Here I am still without a developer job a year later. Lack of Integrity, Transparency, AND Fraudulent and Misleading Statistics: Redwood is claiming on their online pdf brochure that they u201care confident that we can achieve a 95% graduate hiring rate within 120 days of graduation,u201d and u201cOur graduates are expected to receive entry level offers soon after course completion.u201d BULLS*! Is the graduate hiring rate correct? NOT TRUEu2026 BULLS*! Itu2019s more like 95% NO HIRING RATE! Redwood is claiming average salaries for roles in Southern California: Full Stack Developer – $82,000 Front End Developer – $71,000 Mobile Developer – $69,000 Business Analyst – $69,000 u2026 BULLS*! What Harrison tells you at the end of the bootcamp is to expect salaries from $50,000 to $70,000 per year. The salaries listed on the brochure seem to be for experienced developers, not for coding bootcamp graduates, specifically Redwood graduates. Negligence to review each studentu2019s code: Not all of my projects underwent u201ccode reviewsu201d to see if the coding was good. Your web application can still function, and function well, and look great, even if the code is bad, unorganized, needs refactoring, or just plain written sloppily. Demo Day presentation lacked potential employers and recruiters: I was disappointed that during the Demo Day: final project presentation on Wed, July 12, 2017, there were NO potential employers and recruiters, only other studentu2019s friends and family. I was the only one that didnu2019t bring anyone. I was under the assumption that there was going to be company reps for job placement. This did not happen. Disappointing. Lack of Integrity and Misleading: After the bootcamp, as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into monthsu2026 I became frustrated and disillusioned about going to Redwood because I still havenu2019t found work as a developer. Other students who went to this bootcamp, that donu2019t have developer jobs yet, can probably and most likely relate. I understood that there was no job guarantee. BUT, I was under the assumption from Harrison that there was going to be on-going job assistance and supportu2026 There wasnu2019t any! He Lied! Hereu2019s the thing (The Bad Continued): You are going to learn how to code. BUT, youu2019re not going to learn enough to get hired as a front end developer or full-stack developer. MEANING: you are not going to be competitive enough in the job market for developer jobs, compared to the curriculum at other coding bootcamps. Redwood never taught my class Modern JavaScript (ES6 aka ECMAScript2015) and only demoed React WITHOUT Redux (The instructor, Billy, demoed React and clearly got the example from a Udemy course). Throughout the past couple months after attending Redwood, I have had other developers, who have professional experience, review my code. They tell me itu2019s not good enough to get a u201cjunioru201d developer role. After hearing this from a few professionally experienced developers, I realize that the THREE PROJECTS THAT I MADE AT REDWOOD ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO GET A WEB DEVELOPER JOB. You cannot just make a simple, basic CRUD application with RESTful APIs, either through the use of a third-party API, or by building your own API in the back end of your application, with a topic that you are interested in, like Star Wars characters, and expect to get hired as a front end developer, and/or full-stack developer. There is a lot more to web applications than just CRUD and RESTful API HTTP verbs. I did not know this! The curriculum is NOT targeted for a Full-Stack Developer position: The term Full-Stack Developer is a marketing ploy used by a lot of coding bootcamps, such as Redwood, but they just donu2019t give you enough training to get you to that position. You are not going to get a job as a Full-Stack Developer going here! Look at the job descriptions for Full-Stack Developer on Dice, Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and other job sites, and you will see that the curriculum is not enough to get the job. I did not know this! I have undergone a tremendous amount of learning months after the bootcamp to supplement the skills that I did not get while at Redwood. Why did I even pay Redwood, specifically Harrison Spain, $12,500 for leaving me with a lack of skills? F*** You Harrison! Leaving Redwood without a full understanding of C# and the .NET framework: Until this day, I somewhat know C#, through signing up with, but I still donu2019t have a clue about .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core 2.0, or any other functionality that the .NET framework providesu2026 I donu2019t understand every single line in .NET because Harrison didnu2019t go over every single line of code in the .NET framework!!! You know what Billyu2019s answer wasu2026 go buy a C# and .NET course on Udemy. And these guys are claiming to be u201csupposedlyu201d industry professionals? WTF! Curriculum taught by a former Redwood Student with no Professional Experience in the tech industry: SQL, which was taught by Taylor, who is the Head of Outcomes at Redwood, didnu2019t teach it very well and all I know is that you just do queriesu2026 SELECT, FROM, ORDER BY, WITHINu2026 thatu2019s all I know about SQL. His lesson notes were sloppy, unorganized, and just a copy and paste of the markdown files. Another frustration I have is that we never learned how to build a database. As of June 2018, Redwood is teaching their students MongoDB. We never learned MongoDB. They changed and updated their curriculum after my class. Before going to Redwood, I asked Harrison if he would ever hire any of his past students like other bootcamps have done, and he said NO. He Lied. He did the exact opposite and hired Taylor (who was in his first class from Sept-Dec 2016). You can see Tayloru2019s review for Redwood on, dated on 12/28/2016, titled: A great experience. How can someone teach someone how to be a web developer, if they have never worked professionally as one? If I had known this, I would have never gone here. I was misled and misinformed = lack of integrity and transparency. Unknown job placement statistics among students that attended Redwood: I donu2019t even know if everyone from my class has a web developer job because Harrison doesnu2019t want to tell me how many students that attended Redwood have secured a developer job. He told me some guy from my class got a job at Microsoft. So I looked this guy up on LinkedIn and u201csupposedlyu201d he works at Microsoft as a Support Engineer (which has nothing to do with web development, so I donu2019t think this counts). But I donu2019t know if this is true or not. Anyone could claim on LinkedIn that they work for u201csupposedlyu201d Company XYZ. I know that a lot of students that went to Redwood donu2019t have developer jobs. High Cost to attend Redwood: I paid $12,500 to attend this coding bootcamp…$12,500u2026$12,500u2026 And NO!… this is not a typo, I actually typed out $12,500, 3x TIMES in a row to prove my point and frustration in wasting that much money. I had to get a loan to go to Redwood. Harrison financially screwed me! I mean there were days where we played more ping pong than actually code. I didnu2019t pay $12,500 to play ping-pong!!! I paid $12,500 to learn all the necessary skills needed to secure a job as a front-end developer, full-stack developer, and/or web developer in generalu2026 but not enough was taught to get any of these jobs. I WOULD SAY THAT I ONLY LEARNED ABOUT 20-25% OF THE SKILLS NEEDED TO BECOME A FRONT END DEVELOPER. What is the point of going to Redwood, if Harrison tells me that I need to learn the other skills all on my own? Why did I pay Harrison $12,500, if his answer is that you need to learn it on your own? Redwood is basically saying pay them $12,500 and learn the rest through online learning platforms, such as Udemy. What!!! You have got to be F***ing kidding me! Long Lunch Breaks: In the beginning, lunches lasted for 1 hour and 10 mins, and towards the end of the bootcamp, increased to 1 hour and 30 mins, to 1 hour and 45 mins. Redwood Code Academyu2019s website doesnu2019tu2019 use C# and .NET: is built with PHP and WordPress, instead of C# and .NET. Itu2019s very surprising that Redwood would teach a web technology, such as C# and ASP.NET, and not use it in their own website/web app. I found out that it is so easier to build a website with WordPress and PHP. I really donu2019t know what to say about this. Just go learn PHP and WordPress on your own and you can get a dev job too I guess. You would think that since Redwood is teaching C# and .Net that these technologies would be the go-to-choice for the back end, not a competing technology. Iu2019m speechless! Hereu2019s the thing (The Bad Continued): Misleading Job Network: Redwood and/or Harrison has a list of u201cEmployer Networksu201d and claims that u201cWe have an extensive employer network who have hired and are looking to hire more of our graduates.u201d The companies listed on the are Cake, Glidewell Laboratories, First American, and Technossus. Hereu2019s what people donu2019t know, these four companies are Harrisonu2019s past employers, except for Glidewell Laboratories. These companies are not going to hire you straight out of the coding bootcamp because they donu2019t hire junior level developers. I donu2019t know anyone who went to Redwood that got hired by any of these four companies. Maybe some have, but they just havenu2019t updated or posted their current workplace on their LinkedIn. Hereu2019s the truth: Redwood states that u201cWe are ready to take anyone from zero to hero.u201d Here is the reality: It is foolish of you to think that you can just go into this from Day 1 not knowing anything about web development (what is front end vs. back end? What is a full-stack?) and be able to pick up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a week. You should have some experience doing these three front end technologies before going to any onsite/online coding bootcamp. I would say spend at least 3 months, really learning these three technologies, and look up what back end technologies these bootcamps are teaching and have some basic understanding of them, before going to a bootcamp. Too much competition for junior developer jobs: Orange County, primarily the Irvine area, and LA is filled with many, skilled Web Developers. These hiring companies don’t care that you’ve attended a coding bootcamp. In fact, youu2019re not even supposed to tell these companies that Redwood is a coding bootcamp. Harrison tells you at the end of the bootcamp to not tell these companies that you attended a coding bootcamp, UNLESS they ask you directly. Why? Because these companies (NOT ALL THOUGH) are VERY SKEPTICAL about people who attended a coding bootcamp. Once I bring this up or if they ask me this on my phone interviews, the interview immediately goes downhill from there. A lot of these companies want someone who has 3-5+ years (this is mostly mid-senior level developer jobs) of web development experience with proven u201cprofessional experienceu201d NOT u201cacademic experience.u201d Other Redwood Students and reviews: I donu2019t understand how almost all the reviews on the coding bootcamp review sites are giving Redwood 5-stars for job assistance, yet these students failed to talk about what Redwood actually did for them in terms of job assistance, and what company they currently work for or got a job in thanks to Redwood. A lot of the Redwood reviews were written really fast, contain large amounts of grammar and punctuation errors, and just hype up the school WITHOUT providing details. This should be a big red flag to prospective students. Post-Bootcamp: Two attempts to check-in with me only after the bootcamp, but not from Harrison: After the bootcamp, I only received a phone call TWICE, by Taylor Thomas, the Head of Outcomes, at Redwood, and this was within two weeks after the bootcamp ended, around the first week of August 2019 and another phone call approximately a month after the bootcamp ended on July 14, 2017. The first time Taylor, the Head of Outcomes called me, he left a message, because I didnu2019t answer my phone (I forgot why but I must have been busy or maybe in an area with low cell reception). I returned the call and left a message back but he didn’t answer his phone The second time that Taylor called me, he didnu2019t leave a message, so I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS HIM. I had to look back at my call logs to figure it out. What is really disappointing about this, is that, why doesnu2019t Harrison (the founder and lead instructor at Redwood) himself make the phones calls to past students to follow up on their job progress? The answer must beis because he doesnu2019t care or is lazy to do so. F***ing BULLS*!!! Straight Up! A lot of Redwood students are in my SAME SITUATION: Not every single student that attended Redwood Code Academy has gotten a developer job. Even with what they are teaching in the front end part-time class (no longer being taught) is not enough to get a front end developer job, because they donu2019tu2019 teach you Modern JavaScript and React/Redux, and you still have to know the back end, you still have to know the full-stacku2026 read the job descriptions from these companies that are looking for front end developers if you donu2019t believe me and you will see that I am telling the truth. Harrison has made over $637,500 since he started Redwood Code Academy, so I donu2019t feel bad for him. He ruined me financially. I will hold him liable: Redwood had the following number of students in the FULL-TIME CLASS ONLY (This doesnu2019t include the PART-TIME STUDENT CLASS numbers) Sept-Dec 2016: 9 Students Jan-Apr 2017: 3 Students Apr-Jul 2017: 7 Students Jul-Oct 2017: 15 Students Nov 2017-Jan 2018: 17 Students Total Full-Time Students from Sept 2019 to Jan 2018: 9+3+7+15+17 = 51 Students 51 Students x $12,500 cost of tuition = $637,500 (This doesnu2019t include the money Redwood made from the part-time classes) Sought out advice from other competing bootcamps: Beginning on May 2018, I started visiting other coding bootcamps to ask them for help because I was getting NO HELP from Harrison and from the instructors at Redwood. I told these other coding bootcamps that I went to Redwood and it has been almost a year and I didnu2019t have a job yet. Redwood and Harrison left me to hang dry. I was shocked to learn that for the past 3-4 months, several students from Redwood have approached these same coding bootcamps, that I visited, stating the same exact thing I was, that we went to Redwood and itu2019s been months and we still donu2019t have a job. I am not surprised! So I brought this up to Harrison, in-person on Wed, June 6, 2018, and he simply says that they are bulls*g me, and not to listen to them. Harrison even confirmed to me a lot of students that went to Redwood are in the same situation as me. This wouldnu2019t and shouldnu2019t have happened if Redwood was really teaching the right stuff. Harrison, I think I know and the rest of the other Redwood students know, who the REAL BULLS*R is! Job Assistance: The question that pops into my head is, What Job Assistance? There is no Job Assistance. Itu2019s more like Job Instruction or Job Tips. I was never given any instruction on how to write a well-written cover letter and resume. For the first 3 months post-bootcamp, I was submitting a not-so-good resume, which I thought was good because I threw in all the keywords, but I did not get any attention from companies or recruiters from it. All I got was rejections and no replies. I had to take a resume writing course (that I paid for), 3 months after the bootcamp, so I could learn how to write my resume from the beginning, and get it noticed by the employers and recruiters resume software systems ATS. Currently, I have submitted my resume and applications to over 250+ Developer jobs. Applying for developer positions: If you have applied to developer jobs, you should have noticed that there really is no such thing as a Junior Full Stack Developer position. The term u201cJunioru201d doesnu2019t really exist for these job descriptions. It also applies to a majority of Front End Developer positions as well. Thatu2019s why you have to actually click on every single job posting and read the descriptions. And this takes time, hours. To put into perspective, if you do this and actually apply to jobs you think you qualify for and want, 10 jobs can actually take up 7 hours of your time! No Help and Response from Harrison: On April 15 u2018 16, 2018, I contacted Harrison via Slack, for help in getting an interview with First American, because I applied for the Associate Software Developer position there, and figured he would have u201cconnectionsu201d, since he used to work here years ago and thatu2019s what he is claiming on Even while at the bootcamp last year, he told me, and the rest of the class, if there is any company that you are interested in to let him know so that he can make the connection. Now, did he make the connection for me (And this is the only time that Iu2019ve asked him to make a connection for me with a company since the bootcamp)u2026 NO!… In fact, he never responded and blew me off. This is what Iu2019m sayingu2026 WHAT JOB ASSISTANCE??u2026 Coding-wiseu2026 var jobAssistance = false; var jobReadiness = null; TO SUM THINGS UP: Are you going to learn how to code at Redwood Code Academy? Yes But is the curriculum competitive enough, compared to other coding bootcamps, for you to get a job as Full-Stack, Front End, or even Web Developer in the tech industry? NO Does Redwood teach enough coding for you to have the necessary skills needed to be employable? Personally for meu2026 NO!!! Do some students who went here, have a job, or have gotten a job while, or immediately after the bootcamp? I DONu2019T KNOWu2026 really I have no idea! Harrison doesnu2019t keep track of where students go, or at least Harrison doesnu2019t publicly post it on their site. I have asked Harrison for this valuable information and he responded very aggressively and defensively towards me on Slack on June 21, 2018, and vaguely in-person on Wed, June 6, 2018. This is why I had to write my insulting email to Taylor, and got banned from Redwood for life. And those students that have gotten jobs probably have connections or know someone from the company. The Real Question: When Redwood started in Sept 2016, why didnu2019t Harrison teach Modern JavaScript, also known as ES6 (ECMAScript2015), since it came about in June 2015? He had over a year to prepare. Itu2019s probably because Harrison and the other instructors didnu2019t know ES6 at the start and probably didnu2019t learn it until late 2017. Redwood knew that many, and I mean many developer jobs needed ES6 JavaScript, yet failed, was unable, was unknowledgeable, or just didnu2019t want to teach Modern JavaScript. By doing so, Redwood under-qualified a lot of students, including myself, from learning the essential skills needed to get developer jobs in 2019 and 2018. I even asked Harrison, in-person, on Wed, June 6, 2018, after 4 PM at Redwood, because I was in the Irvine area, how many students have gotten jobs? He told me some students have got jobs and this is not a scam. Some? Scam? So I said how many? He said he couldnu2019t tell me the exact number. I donu2019t understand why he cannot even say how many students or give a percentage of the number of students who have gotten developer jobs, out of the 80+ students that have attended Redwood. This to me is sketchy, deceptive, and malicious. I actually asked Harrison in-person, at Redwood on Fri, June 15, 2018, between 2:00-2:30 PM, before going to my interview at Technossus, which he managed to secure, but failed to inform them (more like unintentionally left out the info) that Iu2019m at the level of a junior developer, knowing since he has worked there as the Director, that Technossus only hires senior developers. I asked him what he told them about me, and he just said why does it matter in a condescending way. He just said I managed to sidestep the phone interview for you, so just be grateful, show up, and interview. I asked for interview prep 2-days prior and he wouldnu2019t help me out. If this is his idea of job assistance, it is very lacking and non-existent. Like I said earlier, What Job Assistance? He told me that he taught my class ES6, which is completely false. I was wondering why no past students from Redwood who have spent months and almost a year like me without work, havenu2019t written Harrison a review below 5-stars, and I think I know why. It is because he possibly sends them an email and threatens to take legal action against them. He cannot take legal action against someone calling him out for his false, deceptive business practices. Harrison comes across as a very dishonest person. I just donu2019t trust him. Harrison doesnu2019t want to answer how many students have gotten jobs because only a very few students from Redwood have gotten jobs (Redwood has like a 95% NO HIRING RATE!). He doesnu2019t want to be held liable. He doesnu2019t want to help any of his students get jobs. His job network is his past employers that only hire senior developers, not junior developers. He has no connections or refuses to share them with the students. Those very few students that are on LinkedIn, that have an association with Redwood Code Academy, that have dev jobs ALREADY have experience in the tech industry, either professionally or academically. Some of these students have Computer Science degrees from Cal State Fullerton or Cal Poly Pomona. Some of them have actually worked as developers prior to attending Redwood. I have no idea why these students would go here if they already have jobs in the tech industry as developers. Probably to switch over to web development and learn C# and .Net I guess. Harrison is trying to convince companies to hire junior developers instead of senior developers. Who is he to tell these companies how to conduct their way of business? This makes no sense! Does Harrison not realize that people go to coding bootcamps in order to learn modern, current, in-demand skills, to become a web developeru2026 right? Yet he is not teaching those things. Harrison is teaching legacy developer libraries and frameworks: jQuery from 2006 and Angular.js from 2010, Agile/Scrum from the 1990u2019s instead of the current TDD software cycle. He should have started teaching React/Redux and/or Angular 2 and above, when he started Redwood, instead of Angular.js. He misled a lot of students like myself, walking into his school excited and naive about web development, into thinking that what he was teaching was current, modern, in-demand developer technologies, so he could fill in the seats in his classroom. Notice on the Redwood brochure and even on their website, there is no mention of MODERN JAVASCRIPT! I helped him fill in one of those seats and helped provide income for his family. Harrison was teaching the wrong stuff and he doesnu2019t want to admit it because of liabilities. Banned from Redwood: Harrison and his only staff member, Taylor, clearly do not care about the outcome of their students. They just like to collect thousands of thousands of dollars from nau00efve, prospective students. I felt like they gave me a big F*** You, so I had no choice but to send them an insulting email with a lot of F-bombs. Now I am banned from Redwood Code Academy, in-person and on their Slack account. Harrison has stated that he will be recording my emails for possible legal reasons. What legal reasons? For sending an insulting email? Iu2019m the one that should be taking legal action against Harrison and Redwood Code Academy. I did not pay $12,500 to support Harrisonu2019s lifestyle and Tayloru2019s vaping/smoking lifestyle (This is some of the things I said in the insulting email). Clearly, Redwood does not have a drug-testing policy for its employees. You cannot take legal action against anyone for insulting someone. I think Harrison just wanted to stop u201csupposedlyu201d helping me, and he is using the insulting email, as an excuse and legal threat against me to do so. Last words: My view of Harrison: I donu2019t think Harrison never really liked me. I was just there because I was there. I just think that he just let me in his coding bootcamp because he was desperate for people like me to sign up. I helped him fill in a seat for his bootcamp. That seat cost $12,500. He just wanted to make money. When he met me, he saw u201ceasy money.u201d Harrison, you just donu2019t get it or give a F***! I didnu2019t pay you $12,500 to go to your schoo

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