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18 September 2019

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I am not feeling good to share this but I want to do it so that someone else’s wedding ceremony is not ruined by Redrocket Production Company, Kennesaw, the wedding event organizers. My wife spent a lot of time with the manager of the Redrocket Production Company and gave him every prerequisite for our wedding reception to make it a grand one. But, to our surprise, the wall illuminated by him was not completely lit, the lights on the cake, the lover’s table, even the Leko (Lekolite), and gobo lights were also not fixed according to her instructions. The main problem was that the manager did not assign anybody the responsibility to look after in his absence, who could have managed things all night long, as the manager was running himself another event on the same night. The second problem was that the manager did not inform my wife about the exact installation points of the pin spot and Leko Lights which annoyed her most when revealed during the function. My wife has a specific vision and its not easy to please her with random arrangements when it comes to organizing an event. The manager also promised that there would be two supervisors managing our event, but there were only high school students to look after the event. So, at the dinner reception when my wife saw the arrangements of the lights, she got furious and desperately wanted to change few but no one could help her regarding the changes. Once, everyone was done with their dinner, we finally got the manager on the phone to talk about making other arrangements, but he changed his stance and said that no one could make a change, because his insurance would not allow the operator to make any changes. Further, the manager also ordered his young operator to put all the lights off if we did not immediately pay the rest of the money. He argued with us and was not ready to listen to us. That’s how we came to know why this person has few reviews, low price, and was not willing to give references. They deceived us and forced us to pay. He doesn’t care about his image or reputation. Our experience, rather our bad experience with him was above all and doesn’t match the other reviews. Once we paid the remaining amount, he never responded to our phone calls whereas he was attending the calls from other numbers. Redrocket Production Company staff is not polite and helpful. They do not care about their customers, they don’t bother to respond to your calls and messages. Above all, their manager threatened to turn off all the lighting in the middle of our wedding dinner reception. This behaviour cannot be accepted at all. Please research on the internet and consult experienced people before hiring a wedding vendor. The Redrocket Production company is simply a fraud. Take it as a warning. Do not trust the Redrocket Production Company.

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