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Redfin Amber Hancock

Redfin Amber Hancock Henry Garcia Griffin Ham Redfin treats it’s employees poorly, if they even respond at all. Beware working for this company Pleasanton California!!. I was excited to join this company, sold on their premise that they actually care about their clients and employees. I went through the interview process, video, in-person, passed credit and background checks, signed a contract and other paperwork. They were in-touch with me frequently during this process and then all of a sudden, after I completed the paperwork, nothing. I left voicemails and emails for Henry Garcia, the recruiter and Amber Hancock the branch manager who hired me, and even tried to make contact by calling the concierge on the main website,, just to get a response and see what was going on. Did they change their mind? I needed to know so I could try to get a job elsewhere. Not even the tech support guy, Griffin Ham, would get back to me. Then, several months later, I get an email from Amber Hancock, telling me they are going to terminate my contract. I responded back by asking what happened, why the no contact and surprise, no response. Really strange. Then, as I should have done beforehand, I looked up reviews online and saw that there were so many other people who experience Redfin’s cold shoulder treatment and say that Redfin is a horrible place to work despite the seemingly glossy, happy initial veneer and a lot of employees there feel taken advantage of. I am so glad that I found out before I had a potential home buyer/client in the field who needed help that I couldn’t give them because the company I worked for decided not to respond to me. Remember to do a little research before getting a job somewhere; it may save you the time and frustration. Lesson learned.

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