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REALTOR ASSOCIATION OF MIAMI (RAMB) MIAMI REALTORS MIAMI ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS Quoted a total fee of $1,010 and Afterwords billed $1,675 Miami Springs FLORIDA!!. One week ago, I called the Realtoru00ae Association of Miami RAMB to reinstate my membership. I had let my membership lapse for NAR, FAR and RAMB due to health issues being a victim of domestic abuse, and later being hospitalized for an aggravated assault and battery – which was actually attempted murder. I contacted THe National Association of Realtorsu00ae as well as Florida Realtorsu00ae and they both – out of mercy and compassion waived the annual dues. When I confronted RAMB about the $$675.00 overcharge the employee (manager Luis Rivero stated to me – that although I already paid payment ONE of FOUR. I would NOT get my membership reinstated because I am using an improper business name’ Waterway Realty, Realtorsu00ae – I contacted NAR The National Association of Realtorsu00ae to confirm that my company name usage is proper and correct. Via a two-way call – NAR spoke to Luis Rivero (He initially REFUSED to provide his last name). It was confirmed that my name usage is proper and valid! Clearly, “Luis” does not have any clue on what names are permitted for a real estate enterprise. Fact is; I have been using the name Waterway Realty, Realtorsu00ae for the past 40 years and have been a member of NAR, FAR and RAMB since 1978! The president of RAMB; Teresa Kinney 1st-Degree connection CEO at Miami Association of Realtors Assured me that “JOE” the bookkeeper at RAMB would adjust my bill and credit me back the $675.00 that I have been over-charged. “JOE” would be calling me back ASAP – I have waited for JOE’S call back for 10 days so far and he does NOT call back or correspond at all. When I attempt to reach him by phone; he is either out to lunch. has left the building. or is out smoking a cigarette or whatever it is that he smokes. I am living on SSDI – my funds are limited and today, I do not have money to buy food. “JOE” and the TEAM at RAMB know that I am disabled and are taking advantage of me – as I am not fully capable of communicating concisely and effectively – I have internal head trauma from an assault and battery that occurred on 4/30/2019. Case Number Miami-Dade Police PD-190429152041 and Case Number State of Florida Vs, Ramon Gonzalez F19008279 among other charges; Resisting Arrest with Violence, Aggravated Assault and Battery on an LEO and Aggravated Assault on a Para-Medic on call. The level of compassion and understating of the Engish language is very poor when it comes to dealing with the personnel and CEO of The Realtoru00ae Association of Miami (RAMB) They just do not or can not comprehend the policies of NAR as well as human decency.