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Realdataentry | Unauthorized charges

I’m another victim. I joined Realdataentry in August 2008 against my better judgment. I was initially pleased with their quick responses to my queries, and the lack of negative info about them. There were a few ‘red flags’-lots of errors in their e-mails, the fact that they told me they’d been around for 3 years, when according to Whois, they were launched only a few weeks before I joined, the problems I had receiving assignments through Cox or Aol, and so on. Yet, I spent quite a long time carefully reviewing all of my ‘assignments’-really just detailed ‘Clickbank’ ads-for any errors in spelling, grammar usage, or otherwise.I reached my $1, 000 payout on September 29. When I requested payout, I e-mailed them because I was concerned that I had to change my e-mail address for them 3 times and how that might affect my review. They assured me that it would have no effect. 3 days later, my account was suddenly deactivated and I received a semi-rude e-mail accusing me of outright cheating; stating that I had continuously disregarded their ‘terms of service’. (First of all-when I joined-there were no ‘terms of service’ listed anywhere on their website or in any of their contact e-mails. The first I saw of these ‘terms’ was in this particular e-mail.) I was told ‘all I did was submit the same assignment over and over again, and I actually expect to get paid!? ‘ I protested, they retracted their accusation, and told me the confusion resulted from… the 3 different e-mail addresses that they had said would have no effect on my review! But, they did reinstate me, continued to send me assignments just as always, and even told me that I had been doing good work so far. A few days later, I received another e-mail, asking how I would like to be paid, and recommending Alertpay, as I would get my payment some 3 weeks sooner. Okay. So I waited, And waited. And waited some more…A couple of weeks ago, I contacted them asking for an update. Boom! Next day-no more assignments. I have e-mailed them 3 times now, asking what is going on, to no avail. I completed my ‘work’ for them over 8 weeks ago. I have received no payment whatsoever, and they are apparently refusing to reply to my e-mails as well. This seems to bear a striking resemblance to the hullabaloo with awhile back, a company that seems to be strongly affiliated with Realdataentry. They string you along with your hopes held high, until you want your piece of the pie, that is. 🙂 I believe now that this company is fraudulent-there are reports popping up all over of accounts suddenly being terminated- for the infamous ‘violation of terms’-and of payments not being honored. I found it interesting that an ’employee’ of Realdataentry posted a rebuttal to one of these reports, offering ‘proof’ of the poster’s ‘cheating’ to anyone who e-mailed and asked. Professional, no? I think not…So for all of my efforts-I am out the $49.95 fee for joining, the money I am supposed to have earned, and most of all, out hours and hours of time I wasted because I wanted, like so many others, to believe that just one of these might actually be real. I knew better, but I didn’t listen to my brain. Don’t make the same mistake. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT give this so-called company one dime or a single second of your time. You won’t get anything in return.

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