Readers digest annual swepstakes

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Readers digest annual swepstakes | Scam

I was all for it… i ge a check in th mail, $4275.00 all i had to do was call the man, jerry smith ph 1-778-858-1278, which i did and deposit it. after this was done i withdrew the money and was instructed to send it via money gram. so i did, i figured it couldnt hurt, it was their money in the first place. i did this yesterday. my mother-in-law, who i get along with, sent an email to my wife with this website and another complaint on readers digest lottery. needless to say another man wrote all the info about his letter, the date of the check, july 8 2009, the amount 4275.00, the name of te law firm, greenwood international. i think i owe my wif and her mother a thank you… anyway, i am putting this out for all those who dought the winnings. i got my money back, i guess there money, and i am not complaining, take their money if you can, make sure the check clears, then leave it alone. i will write in a few days and let you know if the funds stay.

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