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Readers Digest | Double subscription

I had a subscription, bought and paid for, THEN, because of my own recklessness, when one of the things for entering your contest came, (if I ordered a subscription) thinking my subscription must have been nearly over, (don’t keep track of those things very well knowing you will remind me, I ordered, to get into the draw. THEN, I started to get 2 subscriptions at once. I found the phone # somewhere and spoke to a very nice young man who understood perfectly, AND, he just added the newest subscription to the one I was already recieving. NOW, a few days ago, I recieved the 2 duplicate magazines again. I contacted someone by e-mail and asked them to once again SORT IT OUT. Yesterday, Friday 15th, I recieved a message on my answering service that there had been some mistake and one of my subscriptions had been cancelled. I could not hear very well, my answering machine is cheap and doesn’t work very well, HENCE, I keep following thru with the contests to try to win. Now, it just so happens when I recieved the last message, I was sitting at the kitchen table going thru the lastest contest, AND, LOW AND BEHOLD, I could enter if I placed another order. HELP ME

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