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Razer Stocks

razer-promo.com and razer-stocks.com Razer-Stocks/Razer-Promo Beware No Confirmation Emails Possible Scammers Online Internet!!. Theyu2019re website looks legit at first, and they are using Facebook Ads that seem legit. Theyu2019re selling Razer products for a solid discount And the product page looks like one that an actual company would use to promote their merchandise, but there isnu2019t any links to About Us, Support, FAQs, etc. thereu2019s two different websites tied together. Razer-promo.com and Razer-stocks.com I made the mistake of rushing through it to make a purchase on a video game controller, but after I made the purchase, the website it landed on only showed the itemu2019s name and the price, but no other information. Never received a confirmation email. The purchase shows up on my credit card as THEWILD. https://razer-promo.info http://razer-promo.com

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