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Raymond Harrison Attorney at Law

Raymond Harrison Attorney at Law Violates the FDCPA and then tries to hide the fact Warwick Rhode Island!!. This all began in September 2019 from a fraudulent debt that Mr. Harrison was trying to collect. There are many provisions of the FDCPA, several of which he violated: 1692e(11) He never told me during his initial phone conversation that u201cany information obtained will be used for that purposeu201d with regard to any debt. 1692g(a) He did not give me the information enumerated below within five (5) days of initial communication. 1692g(a)(3) He never informed me verbally, in emails, or in any of his correspondence that I have thirty (30) days from his initial contact on September 22, 2017, to dispute the debt. To the contrary, he short-circuited this requirement and illegally demanded payment within six (6) days of his initial contact. 1692g(a)(5) He has provided no address for the alleged creditor. 1692f(1) Collection of fees/fines is not authorized in condo association bylaws/rules article 6 (pg. A-54). Page A-15 section 12.2 allows administrative fees up to $25.00, but since the property management company is attempting to assess u201cfinance charges,u201d they are limited to 18%, or about $9.67 per month. Therefore, he failed to properly verify the alleged debt. Regarding 30 day notice, he sent a letter to the address of the condo that I own, but since I don’t live there and instead rent it out, the letter was returned to his office before he informed my attorney that he had properly given me 30 day notice, thereby eliminating any plausible deniability that he didn’t know I never received the letter. As a public warning to citizens in Rhode Island, beware that he doesn’t try the same illegal collection activities against you. He is a slippery one, so be forewarned! He has no idea that he has messed with the wrong person, but will find out shortly…..

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