Randi Shapiro MS, CFE Timesharing Supervisor of

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Randi Shapiro MS, CFE Timesharing Supervisor of

Randi Shapiro MS, CFE Timesharing Supervisor of Bias, prejudice, contemptuous, extortion during a supervised timeshare West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale Florida!!. In a Temporary Relief Hearing, the judge ordered Supervised Timesharing u201con a temporary basisu201d. The Guardian Ad Litem, Anne Alper Law, hired by my Former Wife strongly urged that Randi Shapiro (or one of her trained supervisors) be appointed as Timesharing Supervisor. That Order was granted by the judge. My daughter turned 13 years old two days later. The timesharing supervisor assigned to be present on that day by Randi Shapiro was Susan Defiglio. I know this by the text message correspondence I received from Ms Defiglio. All of those text messages have been verified by Ms Defigliou2019s testimony on April 16, 2019 for Randi Shapiro and staff to be replaced in my Motion for Visitation Supervisor. The supervision by Susan (Sam) Defiglio brought arrogance, demeaning vernacular, ordered me to leave my daughter with her while I went to my vehicle, as opposed to us all going to my vehicle (Ms Defiglio is a timesharing supervisor, not a legal guardian), at which time she threatened me with stoppage of the timesharing with no refund. She was the most unprofessional individual that I have encountered in my 58 years of life. Additionally, her appearance was remarkable to the point of startle by my daughter asking me if she was a man. This was also noted by the judge as she instructed Susan Defiglio on April 16th hearingu201d u201cPlease state your name, sir.u201d This undoubtedly will be misconstrued and twisted by counsel as my being homophobic, which I am not. But, in fact, if the timesharing supervisor showed up in a grey trench coat and sneakers or a tattooed swastika on their forehead, those concerns would also be worthy of remark. Subsequently, on a Motion to appoint a new Timesharing Supervisor, upon receiving her subpoena, Ms Defiglio immediately contacted me via text once more, stating that she requires expert witness testimony compensation at $75.00 per hour. I responded to her extortion demand that she would not be receiving a cent from me. Ms Defiglio appeared in court despite her extortion demand not being paid. I also find it remarkable that this is a cash payment u201cbusinessu201d without a listed Florida License or LLC on file in the State of Florida. This arguably suggests to me that these participants do not claim these cash earnings. The judge denied my Motion for Timesharing Supervisor on April 16, 2019, stating on record, u201cWeu2019ll just leave it the way it is.u201d I have since contacted Randi Shapiro to be present for the Court Ordered Timesharing. In her response, she has either refused to be present due to my dissatisfaction, or simply ignored my request. Neither my dissatisfaction nor Ms Shapirou2019s choice do not make this any less of a Court Order. A Motion for Contempt against Randi Shapiro has been filed. BUYER BEWARE of this opportunist operation, headed by Randi Shapiro. This report is filed in an effort to assist other innocent consumers not to be bullied by such a bias, prejudiced, opportunistic, extortionistic operation.

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