Randi Dorante Sues Melinda P Krecji aka

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Randi Dorante Sues Melinda P Krecji aka

Randi Dorante Sues Melinda P Krecji aka Melinda Patricia Krejci, Patricia Kennewick Defamation of Character, Libel, Slander and Malice! Kennewick Washington!!. This Witch Lady Named Melinda P Krejci aka Mindy Krejci, and her Witch Mother came across my Facebook page under my Christian Ministry. And researched my life, came into one of the businesses that I managed under false pretenses to accuse the company of Fraud, thievery and being a scam company. Not only did this witch cause problems for one company, she caused problems, and begun writing fraudulent remarks of Thievery, Scam and other on every company associated with my name from the past 25 years of my life stating all companies are a fraud. The beginning: As an Executive Iu2019d returned her call, after she commanded one of the leasing agents of American Cosigners to speak directly with a general manager of the firm. As Iu2019d spoke to her, this lady Mindy, begun to befriend me, asking personal and business information about my life and success. The Witch even, complement me on my work and education and encouraged me to do other things in my career path. She begun to apologize to me concerning her rude aggressive behavior, stating the reason she was in menopause and that her parents were upset because she was not working, and they refused to pay her rent. She stated she was in no big hurry for her refund and went on to speak about her past relationship with a man that died from sorcerer/occult involvement. Melinda Krejci, also mentioned she has no money, and only carried one handbag, and stated to, that she admires my great life. Then she begun giving me a psychic reading on the phone, without my permission, and started to tell me about my personality that was un-factual. I felt sorry for her and thought perhaps there was a mis communication and offered to buy her a new handbag and arrange for her refund to be sent to her by federal express. The next morning, my colleague contacted me, to tell me this lady Melinda Krejci, had written allot of bad remarks and garage about my life, accusing her and myself and third-party companies of being a thief, a scam and a liar, and repeating the phone conversation between her and I the day before in social media, with written negative messages on scam reports. The next day, I was told by my colleague, she spoke to a police officer located in Richland Washington, that Melinda P Krejci, filed a report accusing all third-party companies associated with my name, and colleague as being frauds, scams and stealing her money. After speaking to this lady Melinda P Krejci on the phone and revealing my name to her, she begun targeting me personally, my life, my family, and anything associated with my life, including companies, writing fraudulent remarks, falsely accusing me of fraud, scam, thievery and stealing her money. She ran a background check on me, found out all my mailing and home addresses, next minute she hacked my home computer, anything I would search anything online, she would contact the Attorney General Offices, and the police departments in more than 10 cities that I was not conducing business or residing. Then she begun texting me more than aggressive psychic messages trying to instill fear in me from 12midnight until 3am. At 3am, she searches all my photos on my Facebook pages, and texted me my own daughters photo giving the impression she has power to kill my daughter. I wanted to punch this broad in the FACE. The next morning, she called my phone, asking me to give me her money, and repeating like a crazy mental person- saying, I want my money, I want my money, I want my money, then she went on to say, she will make sure that I will NEVER make any money again in anything. The next minute she sent over a list of people, organizations, and affiliated corporations that was associated with my name, false accusing me of fraud and thievery, telling people that I was investigated by her legal team, which was her own family. She also sent over her fraudulent police reports to the banks of the companies I was associated with and had them closed including my personal and my daughters accounts with Bank of America. This Crazy A** Broadu2026u2026u2026u2026u2026. has a sick obsession with me, and my life? She is trying to ruin my life, and anything associated with me, she is trying to destroy, she has uploaded my personal photos on my Facebook page to her scam alert Facebook blogs, and other. She seems to have a sick obsession with me and my life. Or perhaps she is just a Racist, who believe blacks do not deserve to live or have nice things, whatever this is, it must come to an END and NOW. Judging from her online activities made and written about me, this has nothing to do with money. This lady is heavily involved in Witchcraft and occult activities. From a Christian Standpoint, many Church Leaders have experienced this type of Demonic activities were a witch will attack them and their families. Trying to ruin their lives, families, careers, reputation, by bring approach and shame to there lives. What this lady has done to me is a disgrace and especially over something Trivial. At this point she is using her refund to target me, to derail the legal authorities and the court system. I had done some research on her, and he has done this similar thing to a Captain of the police department located in Kennewick Washington, tried to ruin his career, and she did not have any evidence against him, and the court drop the case. Melinda Krejci mentioned to me on the phone she is good what she does. In my opinion, I believe this lady is EVIL, Dangerous, capable of Murder, and should be locked up in mental institution or Prison. She needs seriously psychological help, based upon the malice intent she is conducting against me. She wants me to be inferior or in fear to her. But I am hear, to tell YOU, GOD has his hand in this. And he will come against her, and her malice will be reversed back into her own life. The LORD u201cChrist Jesusu201d do not like ugly. If you think I will allow a low life old 49 years old witch, with no life direction, live in an apartment paid for by her parents, to destroy my life and everything I have worked hard for and build? I am a God-fearing woman, who loves truth and righteousness with favor of GOD on my life. MY GOD, LORD Christ Jesus will fight this battle for me. I have personally filed a suit for $10M against her, not only I have filed but 14 lawsuits are coming against this bold evil Witch and the NEWS. And my Attorney will WIN because GOD has his hands on it. She will be example to ALL folks involved in the occult. As there are many folks involved in demonic organizations. But the Earth is filled with the Holy Spirit and the LORD presence is in the Earth, therefore GOD is in control. This stupid lady, put her life online for this???, sheu2019s not fighting against me, she is fighting against the Kingdom of GOD. Before long, she will end up like a vegetable in a wheelchair barely can talk, wearing diaper, that what GOD does to people who are witches that come against his people! For it is written Leviticus 20:6- u2018I will set my face against anyone who turns to mediums and spiritist to prostitute themselves by following them, and I will cut them off from their people. For it is written Leviticus 20:27- u201c u2018A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads For it is written Micah 5:10-12- u201cIn that day,u201d declares the LORD, u201cI will destroy your horses from among you and demolish your chariots. I will destroy the cities of your land and tear down all your strongholds. I will destroy your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells. This lady Melinda P Krejci has NO FEAR of GOD in her, she the Kingdom of Darkness. I was in the court room, when I attempt to obtain a restraining order against her, she told the judge that I tried to get her to join the Christian Churches and laughed- this comment is on record at the Riverside Courts. She Serve the Kingdom of Darkness. The Truth, once Iu2019d listen to her speak about her occult boyfriend, and after she told me that she was FAT, and after sheu2019s attempting to give her psychic reading about my life, the Holy Spirit revealed the lady was possessed with an evil spirit, and I told her by phone sheu2019d needed a deliverance, from Evil Spirits. My feelings about what I am experiencing with this lady Melinda P Krejci, the result and outcome will be displayed all over the media and Televisions, for the World to see because of the large amount of the suits being filed against her. She will be an example to the organizations, and to the illuminati, scientology, Wicca and Spiritist who believe they can control the lives of people using diabolical spirits and Malice.

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