Randi Dorante of American Cosigners

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Randi Dorante of American Cosigners

Randi Dorante of American Cosigners Aka Randi Vaughn, Randi Capetian, Dr Randi Vaughn, Dr Randi Vaughn Capetian, Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, Julia Daniels, Empress Havana Queen of Nations, Sidney Smith, Mia Sanders, Cortessa Simmons, Blake Donovan, Donovan Charles, Diamond Pharoah, Kingdomof Gloryofallnations, Pharoah Diamond, John Davidson, Richard Simmons, Jonathan Bailey, Terri or Terry or Kim or Duo Nguyen, Natasha Hasani, John Stevenson, Marilyn Davidson, John Mendoza, Lisa Rossi, Lisa Corti, Summer Rossi, Summer Rain Rossi, and more. RANDI DORANTE OF AMERICAN COSIGNERS COMMITS FRAUD, DEFAMATION, LIBEL, MALICE, AND EMOTIONAL DISTRESS AGAINST MINDY P KREJCI Ladera Ranch California!!. I am writing this statement to clear my name of any wrong-doing or ill intent. Randi Dorante falsely accused me, Mindy P Krejci, and my mother, Barbara Krejci, of bank fraud, withdrawing money from an account, being a psychic fortune tellers, and are in the occult. This is defamation, libel, malice, and she has caused me and my family emotional distress. When she was my leasing agent she promised to return my refund in writing, on the phone, and said the same thing to Officer Gilbert of the Richland Police Department of Washington State. She never returned the refund, changed the story, threatened me, and that is fraud. As God as my witness, I will tell the truth, the whole truth, so help me God. My mother and I own no businesses, are not psychic fortune tellers, have taken no money from any accounts, and are not in the occult. I have never been sued by American Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, or Capetian Ministries. There are no service papers, no court filings, and, no court records. The websites of these companies not only say this is true, which is a lie, but that the news covered it. There are no news stories about this situation. This is also defamation, libel, and malice. Please go to the Facebook page “Scam Company American Cosigners Exposed ” for the full story on how it all began and all the evidence to prove I am telling the truth. Thank you.

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