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rampe & balcon extreme

rampe & balcon extreme Marc ChatelrbextremeMarc Chatel entrepreneur generalSolartek rip people off and the work is badly done which we had many problems because of his doing. Laval Quebec!!. Do not use this guy Marc Chatel for your clients or your personnel home. Run away and hire someone else for your busniess or your home. RBQ licence 5736-9597-01 – CCQ 779 273 This guy as change his business name again (the 7th times in 9 years) to Rampe & Balcon extreme (extreme railing & balcony) from Marc Chatel entrepreneur general, Solartek, Marc Chatel. His new website will be rbextreme.com Evey ingenior he had to deal with all had big problem with his finish work and work attic. Many clients after using his services for few days, realized his work is less then satisfactory. they let him go on the spot. Many contractors had the same problem as mentionned above. His work is highly questionable, Be advise of this seriousness with this guy. Heavy criminal past (fraud,drugs ect. Canada and USA) Many civil court case against him. For the past 10 years, every year, Quebec & Canada governement froze M.Marc Chatel bank account and actif contract which when that happens, he doesn’t have the money to fulfill your contract as promess and doesn’t answer your phone calls. He as the wrost credit in history, he (Marc Chatel) doesn’t have nothing to seize (so even when we take him to court, we can’t get our money back. His use Ford 150 2016 truck , the loan is at 20% for 5 years with a $10,000 down-payment. He owes money to: many supplier, Many client who have taken Marc Chatel to court and won, garage to whom he took his truck (grey van) to repair and the garagist never got paid ($3,000), To his mother that he owes $16,000 and father that he owes $45,000, To his (3) sisters he owes each $5,500. His parent both past away and one of his sister all past away without seeing their money. All where poor, sick with cancer. The other sister is very poor also. To ex-girlfriends that he stoled money from and they have loaned him money that he will never pay back (total of money he owes to his ex-girlfriends is over $400,000. To one of the kids of his ex girlfriend, she trusted him to do some renovation to her home, she got a loan from the bank of $45,000. The work was so badly done, she doesn’t have the money to repair the damage he as done. To his ex business partner Roger Martel he owes over $250,000. Marc Chatel use M.Martel his company tx number for Marc Chatel to make false contract to clientels, client sign the contract, Marc Chatel his getting paid and Marc Chatel doesn’t pay the governement the tx back. In November 2016 M. Roger Martel register Solartek inc. and Marc CHatel on the same day without M.Martel knowing it went to register the company name Solartek. This way it was easy for him to make fraud. Because of M.Chatel doing, M.Martel got a knock at his door from the government as what he owes $165,000, you can imagine the shock. For M.Martel, it was to hard for him to take, he past away summer 2016.

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