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Raj Singh

Raj Singh NoMoCab Drone Cast Singh Ventures, LLC Raj Singh Scammed and Conned $50,000 off me Philadelphia Internet!!. I had two affairs of Business with Raj Singh: 1) I Bought one of his $6,000 Dronecast packages 2) I hired Raj Singh to build a website for fifty thousand On both, he scammed me. The drone was super expensive and they promised work. I did get two days of work flying the drone and they never paid me. The drone was very hard to use and your money is better spent on a cheaper drone. as for the website, he charged me $50,000. He produced nothing but a website which does not work and which isn’t even written in any language, just a shell site with gibberish on it that doesn’t do a thing, and was never put on my URL. Raj is a very sheisty con artist and talks very big about all the money he makes as if fifty thousand dollars is what he makes at lunch. My advice is, don’t invest a dime in this con artist. He’s a scammer and this will stand until I am paid back. Also I am not the only one. Do your online searches carefully for scams and reviews of Raj Singh Dronecast and any of his companies.

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