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Radius Media Group, FreeRewardsClub

Radius Media Group, FreeRewardsClub SaveRunner, MemberRewards, MagazineRewards, MemberRewards+, FreeRewardsClub, Canceled magazine subscriptions, and that doesn’t END ongoing charges! That is their normal practice! Stamford Connecticut!!. I thought I was signing up for a promotion of an inexpensive service to get some magazines for $1, then I could “cancel at any time.” When I went to the website of the magazines I was receiving “to cancel them at any time,” I clicked Do Not Auto-renew and Cancel Subscription. I stopped getting the magazines so I thought everything was taken care of. Months later I see on my bank statement I am being charged for these magazines. When I called CondeNast Traveler, they said, “We did cancel your subscription to the five different magazines, and you aren’t receiving them anymore, but you are still being charged by a 3rd party billing group called RadiusMediaGroup. You have to contact them to get them to stop billing you. So Radius Media Group is getting money from me, although I asked for the subscription to be canceled, I believed it was canceled, I stopped receving the product I was initially paying for, but I am still being charged for it. I called Radius Media Group and told them I canceled my subscription months ago and I was still being charged and the woman asked for my mailiing address and my name and said here is your confirmation number of your cancellation. I then requested a copy of a detailed invoice of the charges I had been billed for and she told me to look on my bank statement and I could see them. I said, no I need a receipt from this company as to what charges I have been billed for and what product or services it was for. She then said you can email [email protected] There are multiple fraudulent practices being executed upon consumers and this will be a class action lawsuit once the right people find out about this company and their business dealings. Canceling should mean I am not being charged anymore, not that I am not receiving the product I initially signed up for but I am still being charged for it. What are the charges for if I am not receiving any product or service from them? If there is some kind of product or service that I am “technically” still receiving as they market themselves under some kind of “club” or “membership rewards” center, where do I go to cancel that? How do I cancel that? When I cancel that, do I still get charged for literally nothing? According to how this company does business, yes. The fact that they are an umbrella company for multiple other companies, and many more no doubt, proves how devious their practices are. Please share your story so a lawyer can pick this company up and sue them and we can all get our money back! It is not fair! It is not good business! It is a scam. Unfortunately, it is a scam that is very difficult to get out of. Good luck to you all!

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