Rachel Pedersen

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Rachel Pedersen

It was easy to get tricked into thinking that Rachel Pedersen was a credible social media manager. After looking at her following I decided to give her a try. 6 months in we have not made any amount of ROI from her efforts. Our growth has been minimal. You can’t call yourself a queen of social media when you don’t have the skills to build a massive account. To dig deeper, I looked up her metrics on SocialBlade. Don’t get me started on this. She has no growth on her own account! How can you boast that you are a queen at social media when your numbers are dropping at a drastic rate daily? Attached is the graph direct from SocialBlade that you can check yourself by putting her username in. She has purchased fake followers to inflate her influence and you can obviously see this with the daily constant drop with her following. She has done this as well on her Facebook fanpage. She has little to no engagement there which is fishy considering her amount of followers she has. Knock it off Rachel. You have no grounds to call yourself the queen of anything. Aside the queen of staging fake followers to trick honest people into buying your low quality social media service.

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