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RACEWAY FORD Fraudulant court claim RIVERSIDE California!!. I purchased a new 2002 Ford Excursion from Raceway Ford. Soon after the alternator went out, they replaced it under warranty then turbo went bad and had to have them replace that faulty part. A few months later the wiring harness was bad (according to their mechanics) and I they had it in their shop for 4 weeks to fix this and they gave me a loaner car to use while it was in their shop. When they originally gave me and my wife the loaner vehicle they said it was at no cost, when two weeks go by and our vehicle was not fixed yet I was pretty upset due to being led to believe it would be done by then. Well, after 4+ weeks they finally finished the work and I dropped off the loaner car and picked up our vehicle, they never told me I was going to have to pay for the loaner car (why would I have to pay for it anyway). All this was in 2002-2003, last week I recieved a earnings withholding order from Riv. Sherrifs office which says I owe Raceway Ford $7,131.70 for the loaner vehicle I had been given to use by them at no cost. Not only did I never know I was being sued, this was 14 years ago! Raceway Ford is wrong in so many ways to do this….what am I supposed to do, get an attorney and fight it….I doubt I can even do that now that is a garnishment from my payroll (25% of each net pay). KARMA is a b****!!

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