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22 September 2019

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It had been many days since I replaced the water taps and there was a disturbance in the flow of water. Almost every tap was getting rusty so I decided to replace them all. One of my neighbours recommended me to get services from the R.K. Knight Plumbing & Rooter. I selected the place for two reasons, 1) because it seemed like a reputed and a company of quality. 2) It was near my house and had their showroom and varieties of brand.
I made an appointment over a call and decided to get all my problems fixe by them after checking upon their rates and positive comments. I was informed that the manager would send one of his staff to check the condition of my taps and what kind of replacement needed. The mechanic was about to come the next day. I waited for him late hoping that he would come, but he didn’t show up and I decided to call the manager and complain about it. The firm didn’t pick up the call and this somehow irritated me because I could barely wash my face from the broken tap water. I had to use my neighbour’s washroom for a few days. I didn’t want my work to be delayed so I called the manager the next day and he picked up the call after several tries. I complained to him about the complications and issues created by their frim and told him to send his men within the next hour or else I would opt for another plumbing company. He got tensed and told me that his staff would arrive within an hour.
It was more than 1 and a half hour when the staff member arrived and checked out all the taps in my house, I asked him about the cause of getting rusty so rapidly, he didn’t have an appropriate answer and changed the topic. It seemed that the staff sent to my house was new and had a very little domain experience. It didn’t bother me much and I waited for the firm to send their mechanic. It took them a week to gather my accessories and send the mechanic to finally replace the taps. The work of the mechanic was not up to the mark because the pipes and the taps were not connected properly as the water was seeping out through the joints. The pressure of the flow of water was uneven and slow. The work done by the R.K. Knight Plumbing & Rooter was not satisfactory and I paid the wrong firm to do my work. I wonder how they be such a ‘reputed’ company when they cannot even send a proper mechanic to do the work. My work was postponed many times too. I had to get my taps fixed once again from some other local plumber. And I must say that the work done by the local plumber was better than the work done by the professional mechanics of R.K. Knight Plumbing & Rooter. Please don’t waste your precious money and time over this place.

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