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R. Hunter Manson law office, LLC

R. Hunter Manson law office, LLC Avoid R. Hunter Manson at All Costs! Reedville Virginia!!. R. (Robert) Hunter Manson, of Reedville, Virginia, is a dangerously bad, damaging, destructive lawyer! Do NOT be fooled by high peer-review rating on Martindale-Hubbell and other sites. He bills himself as an “estate expert,” but he intentionally contracts with UNlicensed and UNaccredited real and personal property appraisers–in violation of federal law!–when better, less expensive alternatives are readily available. Why? Because they give him the figures he wants to either dump (undersell) an estate property or to unnecessarily prolong probate in order to line his pockets. As clients, we have experienced first-hand: 1. He repeatedly and resolutely refused to be forthcoming with ANY information to clients, beneficiaries, or other counsel even when all parties requested it, thereby making an amicable compromise literally impossible. 2. Like all misogynists, he has a hair-trigger temper with women who even so much as question–much less debate–his actions. When we laughed at his threat to call a sheriff to forcibly remove us from a lawfully occupied property, he screamed, intimidated, and grabbed our arms (battery). 3. We witnessed him repeatedly lie in court. 4. Like all failures, he engages in delusions of grandeur. His greed and monstrous hubris caused him to confuse a clientu2019s money with his own and excessively overspend. When we expressed concern over his glacial pace in selling real and personal property that was unnecessarily costing an estate several hundred dollars per day in bank fees, insurance, taxes, and utilities, he leaned back in his chair, threw his arms wide, and said, u201cDonu2019t worry. Thereu2019s plenty of money to spend!u201d In settling the estate, he paid himself MORE than the beneficiaries received, a violation of the will. 5. I provided all the factual data required to write a simple will (divorced from spouse 15 years ago, one benficiary, paid-off mortgage). But he took it upon himself to do research at the courthouse, then drew up a will filled with errors and provided for a spouse, two beneficiaries, and continuing mortgage payments. He did not confer with me or let me preview the will first. When I objected to his errors, he refused to admit heu2019d made any, screamed into the phone and threatened to sue me if I didnu2019t pay him for his research and writing it. Because it is literally impossible to get a lawyer to go up against another lawyer on the Northern Neck, and out-of-town lawyers do not receive the same degree of impartiality from the judges, I knew I had no chance of winning a suit. 6. He repeatedly engaged in u201cgood ole boyu201d cronyism (conspiracy, collusion, and fraud) with his lawyers. He mailed to one beneficiary a letter with a deadline to remove requested personal property from an estate, but purposely did not mail it to the other beneficiary (who repeatedly requested it) and instead removed her requested personal property to a storage facility, then sent her the bill. However, he overlooked that (1) the second beneficiary did not sign a contract with the moving and storage company, and (2) he had no authority to spend her money. But in violation of UCC contract law, he subtracted over $1000 from her inherited share. And by the time she finally obtained possession of her property, the auction season had passed and she sold them for 50% less than the appraised value on the inventory filed with the court. When she objected that the inventory was not a accurate reflection of their value and requested the items be halved to reflect their true value, he refused to amend the inventory. 7. He engaged in wasteful spending of estate assets by exorbitantly spending approximately $700,000 of my parentsu2019 $1 mil estate on local merchandisers. One top of that, he paid himself $200,000, which is more than any of the beneficiaries received. Do NOT be take in by his high peer-review rating on Martindale-Hubbell.com. Not only is he a dangerously destructive, damaging, deceitful lawyer and executor, but the most evil, amoral person Iu2019ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with. His greed, misogyny, monstrous hubris, and leering sliminess are only exceeded by his megalomaniac delusions of grandeur; he is severaly psychologically disturbed. Far from solving problems, his lawless engaging in conspiracy, cronyism, and intimidation combined with his glacial pace of acting caused endless problems and made them worse. And he is the worst kind of hypocrite–one who uses religion as a self-serving crutch while stabbing his fellow man in the back. NEVER. EVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS CORRUPT LAWYER!

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