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QVC, Inc.

QVC, Inc. QVC refuses to correct their mistake! West Chester, Pennsylvania Nationwide!!. On or about April 21, 2017, Anita S. Daley (hereinafter u201cComplainant 1u201d) placed an online order at for QVC, Incorporated (hereinafter u201cRespondent 1u201d) item number E290927, u201cLG 65″ Super Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV with Active HDRu201d (hereinafter u201cTVu201d). The Order Number provided was 4979261948 and the total cost, including shiping, handling and tax was $1,920.96 (see Attachment 1). Respondent 1 utilized a third party carrier for the delivery of this item, u201cAIT Worldwide Logisticsu201d (hereinafter u201cRespondent 2u201d) and the TV was subsequently delivered on May 3, 2019 (see Attachment 2). The TV was set-up by Complainant 1u2019s brother, John Daley when he got home from work at approximately 7:00 P.M. on the same date. Respondent 2 left a delivery checklist with Complainant 1 that was supposed to have been u201ccompleted, faxed or e-mailed back to AIT Worldwide Logistics within 24 hours of deliveryu201d (see Attachment 3). However, the delivery agent failed to complete this paperwork or to even open up the TV and make sure it was in working condition before he departed. Once the TV was opened, setup and then plugged in, it was discovered that the TV had an approximately 5 inch vertical white line running down the right side. You can clearly tell the TV was either dropped or damaged in some manner during the delivery process. I now have a witness, one of our maintenance personnel, and he actually saw the young delivery driver drop the TV and then he tried to conceal what he had done. The driver was a young latino male and he was alone at the time of delivery. The TV also has numerous black lines going vertical and horizontal across the TV and it is a very bad picture overall because of the damge to the LCD. On May 5, 2017, the corporate office called me to inform me that customer service had misinformed me via e-mail that a replacement TV was re-shipped on May 3, 2019 (see Attachment 4). I was told that a replacement was shipped and that the damaged TV would be picked up within four (4) weeks. This turned out to be bad information. I was told by corporate that I have to arrange for the pick-up and delivery at the same time. I was also told I have to make another down payment for the replacement TV until the damaged TV is received back and credited back to my credit card. On May 12, 2017, Respondent 2 picked up the damaged TV (see Attachment 5). Respondent 2 sent two (2) individuals this time to pick-up a damaged TV, but only one (1) individual to deliver the brand new $1,920.00 TV (which is in a huge box that is too awkward for one person to handle alone). This really makes absolutely no sense to us. I contacted Respondent 1u2019s customer service to see what is going to be done now about sending us a replacement now that they are in possession of the damaged TV. I was on hold during my first call and then I was subsequently hung up on. I called right back and spoke to a Ms. Carlton, whom is a supervisor. She, just like all of the rest of your customer service representatives offered no assistance what so ever! She said we have to wait five (5) days for the corporate office to confirm the receipt of the pickup. Then we have to wait for the return to go back on our credit card and then we can place a new order. Respondent 1 and Respondent 2 do not care about anything other than following their flawed poicies. This was their mistake, not ours. Respondent 1 should be trying to make this right at their expense, not ours. I even tried to get the corporate office to assist me and they were no help either. I spoke to a corporate supervisor and a corporate manager. This is not acceptable to me for two (2) reasons: (1) we gave away our old TV on the date the new TV was set-up, and (2) we also installed a wall mount and now we have no TV at all because of Respondent 2u2019s negligence and Respondent 1u2019s callous disregard of our right to have a replacement TV sent out as soon as possible! Both Respondentu2019s have been contacted and have failed to offer any assitance at all to resolve this matter. As stated above, we do not have a TV at all now. This is not the Complainantsu2019 fault, it is the Respondentsu2019 fault. We should not have to pay another down payment on a second TV when Respondent 1 already has our down payment for the first TV.

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