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QuickFix City

QuickFix City QF City Stole my laptop motherboard Oklahoma City Oklahoma!!. In Jan.2018, I sold the owner of this shop, Rahi Razavi,aka Rahi Razavimanesh aka Ryan R., an Asus laptop motherboard thru ebay. He claimed the mobo arrived “damaged” and filed a return.When his package didn’t arrive by the alotted ebay return time rules,ebay ruled in my favor and closed the return.He appealed to Paypal and they opened up a claim on his behalf. One week later his package arrived and it clearly WAS NOT the motherboard I had sent to the south end QuickFix City location. Knowing the long history of corruption in Ebay/Paypal transactions, I had marked my motherboard with my intials and had taken several photographs.There were many clear cut differences in the motherboard I had sent him and the motherboard he had returned.He had also tried to fudge my intials on one side of the mobo and failed to notice the intials on the other side-obviously showing his intent to DEFRAUD! Paypal rep “Rudy” instructed me to upload proofs of my fraud claim including a police report and an affidavit from an A+ Certified Technician concluding the 2 motherboards were not the same , which I did whithin a few days, along with the photographs pointing out the more than 15 differences in the 2 motherboards.A week or so later, Paypal informed me their “computer generated denial” had been issued against my fraud claim, despite all the evidence to the contrary. I will never accept Paypal again. Yesterday, I filed a report with the F.B.I.’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.I do not expect to get my money for this sale because it is a relatively small($135) amount but I do want to warn others of this man and his 2 shops in Oklahoma City,Ok.Look him up on Yelp also. He’s a THIEF!

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