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Quicken Canada Intuit ,parent Company, Mountain View, California Intuit Canada Quicken is trashing customer’s data files Vancouver, BC Nationwide!!. Let me recite some ancient history. I purchased Quicken Version 1.0 which came on a single floppy disk (1.38 megabytes compressed). This software lets users input their financial transactions which are saved to a database.___ At this time Microsoft released Windows 3.1 and would soon release Windows 95. New computers were often shipped with a complimentary copy of Quicken. The Quicken (Intuit) company employed proprietary database protocols, so that it’s data files could only open with a current copy of Quicken.___As the years passed, Quicken introduced synchronized banking where users could download their banking accounts. I never used that option since I’ve had problems with my bank where I’ve found $100 dollars of errors. It made sense to me to keep my own records to make sure I wouldn’t get shortchanged.___For me, Quicken (Home & Business) was a good way to record my personal and business transactions. I would record sales and purchases and save them in Quicken. I didn’t need to buy a new version of the software every year. But I recall buying and using Quicken 1998, Quicken 2007, Quicken 2019 and Quicken 2017.___In recent years, Quicken has imposed ridiculous locks on my old files that date back to 1996. The content of these files is my own, not Quicken’s, not any banking institution. I haven’t set passwords on these files, so why does Quicken ask me for passwords for files it has NO BUSINESS locking.___I am not alone. Below you’ll find a comment in the Quicken forum:> scharville (Quicken Community Forum)___I am just about fed up with Quicken control over what should be a simple database to manage my finances. The constant issues with my “Quicken ID”, not recognizing my password, and being forced into an online connection when I simply want to use Quicken on my PC offline. I wonu2019t go into the non-compatible upgrades that I am constantly coerced to purchase EVERY year and the fuzzy fonts fix. This program (app) was really helpful 10 years ago, but now it is pathetically non-user friendly, and it is getting worse every year. I am very close to just using a spreadsheet to manage my financial accounts, and removing Quicken from my PCs altogether. How about a simple database that goes online ONLY when I want it to download transactions? Only a company run by morons would treat their customers like this. You better develop a customer service policy soon or I will be a “past user”.___NOTE: The Community admin moderator archived this comment a few minutes after it was submitted. Clearly, Quicken doesn’t want to deal with its dirty laundry. A million-dollar class action suit might be what this negligent company needs.___The problem is that Quicken is easy to use. It has monopolized the bookkeeping market for home and small business users. But the company refuses to take responsibility for dominant share. It locks its data files for which it has NO LEGAL RIGHT. The content has been created by users for users. Quicken has no legal claim to my financial records. Quicken must unlock the files immediately or provide a comprehensive method to convert its data files to Microsoft Excel or Open Source spread sheets.

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