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QUICK-O MUFFLER QUICK-O MUFFLER stripped the bolt on a strut while pressing the spring back on Knoxville Tennessee!!. on 6/8/17 went to quickp muffler.to get my new struts pressed that i brought from jc whitney.had a better deal than auto zone.dropped 4 struts off to get pressed,left came back only 3 were ready #4 was stripped said it wasnt their fault.this part was new don’t understand why it wasn’t their fault,they are gonna tell you they called autozone to get another,i didn’t buy them from azone brought rom jc whitney,which i feel like they wouldn’t got another because it was stripped from begging to end of thread.had to go to a.zone and order another for $160.00 because my car was on a rack at my mechanic shop,couldnt wait to order from jc whitney.a.zone strut came the next day.went to mighty muffler on western ave.to get it pressed told and showed mechanic strut he just shook his head.i watched him from a distance only took one man to pressed the spring off the old one and put spring on the new one.not 2 men like quick-o said it took.when i asked how much he said no charge, mighty got my bussiness.now this place was busier than quicko i made a mistake but lesson learned.is there any way i can just get my money from shock back

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