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Quick cash USA, David Parker

Quick cash USA, David Parker Scammed me out of almost $500 and now they are asking for more. Los Angeles California!!. I got a message saying I was approved for a $10,000 loan they set everything up and were so ready to give me the money until they told me because my account was overdrawn I would need insurance which I had to pay $249 for they wanted me to load it on a google play card(Which seemed really odd to me) so I loaded $250 on the card just in case now this is where it gets me really upset, David which is the guy helping me says that they could not accept the funds because I put $250 I needed $249 now I had borrowed $200 from my husband and at this point we are ready to be somewhat out of debt.. so I then Borrowed $245 from my grandma to put another $249 now they tell me itu2019s good they accepted it only to call me back and say there is a hold on my account and I need to go buy another card and put $375 on it to actually release the money…. now I went to my bank and asked them if my account was on hold they said yes because itu2019s overdrawn so I told David I would handle my account being overdrawn and then they could realize the money but he didnu2019t want to do that.. now heu2019s supposed to be calling me tomorrow but I am officially over it… I have lost my job and he is scamming me. He told me I would get my loan paperwork in the mail and I still have not. My husband knew it was a scam and I didnu2019t listen. So anyone out there reading this please do your research on what you try online.

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