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Quest Moving

Quest Moving Total scam! They will quote you a price then raise it by 40% when they show up. Cost us $5000 more than they qroted us! FL Fort Lauderdale FL!!. Quest moving quoted us one price for a move and then raised the price $5000 when they showed up. We chose Quest moving to move our belongings from Texas to Iowa. What sold us on Quest was they were going to pack and load the truck would head to Iowa and should be there by July 1st. Well everything went downhill after signing the agreement. The Dispatch told us the packers would be there on Thursday June 28th. We received a call from the Driver at 9 am on June 27th that they would be there within 30 minutes. The driver immediately said the original quote for 2200 cu ft was wrong and said it was 3000 cu ft. He would not pack anything until we gave them almost $5000 more due to the added volume. We actually had less, we sold the grill, breakfast set and out patio set that was on the load list but was not loaded. We were also told that do to the revised load, we need to select either coverage of our items by weight or volume. The driver said the weight would be cheaper by several thousand dollars. The driver filled out the weight portion and did not fill out the volume portion. After the neighbor, my wife and I reviewed the document showing the weight portion for coverage my wife signed the paper. After loading was complete, the driver gave us our copy of the coverage and we noticed the volume portion was filled out. The difference in cost was not 1000’s of $’s but a mere $13! We were mislead by the driver to accept coverage of our belongings from $150,000 coverage to a max of $30,000. Also the packers, they worked thru the night, yep, they packed and loaded for 24 straight hours. The moving company said we didn’t have to be there but after what happened I wanted to make sure someone watch them. July 1st went by, then the 2nd and 3rd and no word on when our furniture would arrive. It was suppose to be there on the 1st but not communication from anyone with the moving company. We called every day and sometimes twice a day but no response from anyone. Finally we received a call from the third party insurance company about how our move went, (they showed we were to receive our furniture on July 1st). After telling them we have not heard anything from Quest, they used their clout helped us get an expected delivery date. They were wonderful to deal with and you should use them no matter what moving company you go with. We finally received our goods on Sunday July 8th. After unloading the truck I measured the space our furniture took up. We took up 28′ of a 53 ft trailer which equals 2200 cu ft just like our original estimate. I have sent emails to our Quest Rep, Gary, and made phone calls but have not received any answer. I have asked for Quest honor their original estimate and return our $5000. As for damage, this is the worst move we have ever had. We had so much damage, broken itmes, scratches on furniture, pictures packaged face to face without any padding between them. We have found wardrobe boxes with clothes on top and chemical sprayers on the bottom, the sprayers were in the garage. We also found glass items on the bottom of boxes, (yes they were busted), heavy items on top. Pictures, picture frames, clocks, wall art, so much was busted. Only boxes that were marked were from the kitchen, all other boxes had to be opened to see where the items were from and as I said before the boxes were packed with items from all over the house. Very few boxes actually contained only items from one room. This mover acts much more like a broker than a mover, not once did any of the workers say they worked for Quest, they were all contracted to Quest. We are still waiting for someone to call to discuss our complaint.

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