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Quality Motorsports patrick the owner bad business lewisville Texas!!. I took my 2017 chevy grand sport corvette to this shop on April 4, 2018 in to get my car fixed patrick checked out my car and told me my starter was locked up after putting another starter on my car then he said its not the starter its something got my motor locked up. after looking at it more he said my piston is broke so my motor is no good now and i need another motor or a built motor.i told him on but i dont want my car in this shop no 2 or 3 months. so he gave me 3 options and i still got the paperwork. Option 1 was a built 416 motor i said how long to do it he said two and a half months or more i said no thats to long he said ok .optios 2 was to rebuild the same motor i had in my car a LS3 6.2 motor i asked how long he said it will take about 2 months i said thats to long. ok option 3 he just took out the motor out of a cadillic CTSV and i could buy it and he put that motor in my car its the same motor LS3 6.2 i said how long patrick said not that long i said ok lets do that. He said ok i said how much do you need to get started he said 5600.00 i said ok on april 13,2018 i brung him 5600.00 in cash to start my car. so he supposed to order all my parts but he didnt i drove 50 minutes every monday, wednesday, and fridays and some saturday to see if hes working on my car and he wasnt.when i asked him about my car all i got was lies and excuses why he havent started on my car. 2 months passed and all he did was take out the motor in my car and that only should have took 2 hours. I have witnesses that i had coming with me sometimes just to see that hes not doing nothing to my car and ive paid him 5600.00. after months have passed now im getting mad about my car just setting up at this shop. i told patrick i dont want my car in this shop no 2 months if he couldnt do it i would have took my car to another shop. all i got from this shop was lies and excuses from patrick why my car motor not being built this was just a motor swap not a complete built the CTSV motor already has pistons, rods and crank in the motor. ok its been 3 months and now patrick put the motor together in my car when other shops could have done this work in one week. Patrick then looked at my supercharger and saw stuff in my charger so he said hes going to send it out to be cleaned and it will cost 550.00 to be cleaned and a mild rebuild..after the superchargeronline.com people got my charger the price went up to 2500.00 to clean and a mild rebuild i said hell naw im not paying that all it needed was to be cleaned out..after they finished my charger the price went to 1575.00 and patrick didnt have no money to get my charger back to texas so i had to pay for it. Patrick texted me i got all his texts messeges asking for 2000.00 because hes in a bind and rent is about to be due. i said hell naw you havent finished my car yet. im still driving to this sorry a*s shop and my motor still now done yet. let me speed this long story up now its almost 4 months and i told patrick i didnt want my car in this shop no 2 or 3 months 6/30/2018 i paid the balance 5077.98 i got my car from this shop and drove it and it drove like sh*t i told patrick im bring this car back because it ran like s**t and it wasnt tuned, he put me off for 3 weeks so i couldnt bring my car back i got tired of waiting and lies i just took my car up there to get fixed right. I have every light on in my dash CHECK ENGINE, SECURITY, ABS, BRAKE light my car is in limp mode and it want change gears or pick up speed it sit in front of his door for 3 more weeks and all i got was lies and excuses. nothing but lies and excuses on 8/7 i just went got my car and took it to a real shop to be fixed its more but this is the short version.

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