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Quality Auto Sound Go somewhere else and save your self-time and money. Westminster Colorado!!. Go somewhere else and save your self time and money. Did not install correctlyForgot to install 2 speakersSold me a used radio/deck unitscammed by high prices/would not price match less than 24hr laterBroken door handle u2018 did not install it properly so it did not work I had to take off door and fix myselfSloppy wiringSounded horrible until I fixed it/they never even listen to it to see if it was working properlyCondescending attitude I purchased a head unit, a backup camera, 4 speakers all installed. The letter I emailed to Quality Auto Sound: Subject: Giving you a chance to make this right I was assured by the sales associate you had the lowest prices on products and he was helpful in selecting what I needed for my truck. So I purchased everything on Friday and left my truck there so they could install everything on Saturday. Saturday around 2pm they called said they were done. Took a Lyft to pick up the truck. I got in and instantly knew something was wrong as it did not sound good at all. I then realized the rear speakers did not get installed. Went back inside and told them the rear speakers were not installed and then 2 people started telling me it was not on the paperwork. I assured them it was and asked them to get the paperwork. Sure enough, it was on the paperwork. Then I asked about the AUX plug working. That is when the conversation started to get really condescending and I was told that is not how things work, you donu2019t need that you have Bluetooth, we cannot make that work. I was barely allowed to get a word in and was asking questions about what the back of the unit looked like so I could understand what he was saying and why I was being told it could not work. Ideally, I wanted my factory AUX plug to work that is 9 inches from the deck. Or something like this installed in its place: http://a.co/13JNIWI but I could not get a word in to get them to understand what I was talking about. Finally, they agreed to plug in my AUX cord and run in through a hole in the dash. That will suffice but is not as nice as my idea that I would not get across because of all the arguing with me. I am still confused as to why my factory AUX plug cannot work as I assume it has 2 wires out and all you have to do it cut and 3.5min male cable and wire the 2 together. I have not looked but my guess is like 10min fix but I was told that was not possible. So now my truck is not done so I take another Lyft back home. Each Lyft is about $11. No, I am upset because of the condescending attitude of what I think was the manager. So started looking into the prices I paid for the products and realize that you do not have the lowest prices at all. Both sets of speakers I found for $20 per set at BestBuy, overpaid by $40Head unit I found at Wal-Mart for $90 less When I went back for the second time to pick up the truck I asked about price matching and was told sorry they do not do that, no refunds. I asked again and was told the same thing. So I was going to let it all go until I got home. I am driving home and thinking this system sounds like crap and sounds far worse than the factory until. When I got home I started reading the manual and discovered that my radio was not set to the factory defaults, that leads me to believe the head unit is used. The factory default is not to have Subwoofer enabled and then on the crossover screen have it set to custom all pull out all the bass frequencies. The sound setting for each seat in the truck had also been configured from the stock settings. For sure this was installed in another vehicle and configured. So I figured out how to get it all to sounds good no thanks to you. Do you installers not listen to what they installed? It was obvious there was an issue as all the bass had been pulled out using the crossover in the head unit and it all sounded terrible. Little details like setting the time and date on the head unit would have been professional as well. Did anyone walk out with me and show me how to use it, no. Backup camera: Where are the parking lines? The camera has that feature and when I looked online it says you have to cut a wire to disable it? I told my sales person I wanted the parking lines and now the backup camera has not back up parking lines. How does that get fixed? A third trip back? Probably more used products. That night go out to dinner and my son cannot open the back door of the truck from the inside. The cable to the latch was not properly installed when you put the door panel back together. I fixed it but should not have had to as you should test your work. Picture below. Also, the wiring boot from that same door did not get put back together. Picture below. Then I was looking at the invoice closer what is Necessary Shop Supplies? Everything I purchased was purchased at the installed price, why would we have another fee. I donu2019t believe that is correct and would like the $45.74 reversed. What I would like to price match: Head unit refund of $90 on a used unit: http://a.co/06kGC1F https://www.walmart.com/ip/Pioneer-AVH-X3800BHS-2-Din-DVD-CD-Receiver-w-6.2-Monitor-Bluetooth-AVHX3800BHS/48598612 Speakers refund of $50: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Pair-KICKER-43CSC684-CSC68-6-x8-6×8-450-Watt-4-Ohm-Car-Coaxial-Speakers-CSC684/391484616 http://a.co/8SSfVwR 2 extra Lyft rides: $11 each = $22 Shop fee refunded $45.74 Total refund of: $207.74 Then I would like to know how to get the parking lines to show up on the backup camera.

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