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Pups4Kids, INC.

Pups4Kids, INC. Robin Segal, Robin Schroeder, Robin Miller Doodles & Suds Sells Sick dogs Richmond Illinois!!. BUYER BEWARE! (They don’t allow negative star ratings….)I bought a puppy from Robin when she was located in Mundelein. I should have done some homework on her, but, as they say, you can’t help who you fall in love with, and I fell for one of her puppies. After I purchased my puppy, I would contact Robin off and on for advice on a few issues that I had had with the dog. I took the dog to the vet within a few days of getting him from Pups4Kids, as required, and at that point he was given a clean bill of health. At his neutering appointment, the vet informed me that my dog was Cryptorchid, so had an descended t******e. What should have been a simple procedure, ended up requiring a much more invasive surgery, which of course was very costly. At the time, the vet said “It could be hereditary, or it could be a complete fluke”. I followed Robin’s instructions at first, and fed him the food she recommended, and the treats she recommended, etc. since he had had numerous stomach issues. After the first year of trying multiple options, the vet had prescribed a Gastroenteric formula food, and then switched to a hydrolyzed diet, because even boiled chicken and rice would give my dog Diarrhea. Every time my dog got sick, the Vet would suggest Metronidazole, which I mentioned to Robin, and she responded that she gave all of the puppies metronidazole daily. At one point, I reached out to Robin inquiring about my dogs parents. I sent an email to her concerned that perhaps his gastro issues were genetic, and wanted to know specifics about his lineage. Her response was “Give me a call when you get a chance”. So I went into her shop. She immediately handed me a few cans of dog food made from Rabbit. It seemed as if she knew exactly what would “cure” my dog. I have kept my dog on Rabbit, however, have had to switch to pure RAW Rabbit because the formula that Robin gave me 1. was on a major recall list, and 2. had other ingredients that created sensitivity in my dog. My dog is now 2 years old, and has been to the vet 21 times TOTAL. This includes his regular visits, however, it is not only my impression, but also that of my vet, that my dogs issues are genetic and hereditary. In April, I contacted Robin via email and Facebook, and written letter requesting a full monetary refund for my dog. I knew her warranty would not cover the EXHAUSTIVE vet bills (about $4000 TOTAL in 2 years), but at the very least I think I should be refunded the $800 I paid for my dog. Robin did not have the decency to reach out even once. I contacted an attorney, who reached out to her, and she had the NERVE to tell my attorney that vets over treat animals, and she would have taken better care of my dog herself. This woman is a PUPPY MILL. I love my dog immensely, but it is unjust for this woman to call herself a breeder, when she’s purchasing from a mill. She puts a hefty price tag on all of her dogs, and she can’t even be bothered to give owners in depth information on the dogs lineage if asked, and takes no responsibility for sick animals. After a bit of research, you’ll find that she’s had numerous businesses, hopped from town to town, changed business names many times, and even herself uses 3 different names. BEWARE!!!

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