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PuppySpot Sold a sick puppy Hollywood Florida!!. We purchased a puppy from PuppySpot in December of 2016. After paying over 2000.00 dollars for the puppy we looked forward to receiving her. We took her to the vet like we were told to do. The vet informed us that she had a infection in her chest which was causing her to cough. She suggested we have her stool checked and we were informed the next day she had coccitia and giardia. We spent none the less 6 months of cleaning and keeping her in a pen by herself so she would not infect my other dog. Well none the less my other dog got infected. Now I had to deal with 2 sick dogs. We had them both on medications for 6 months which cost me over 2400.00 dollars. This has been the worst experience I have ever dealt with when it involved a pet. I love my animals and will do anything I can to fix whatever ails them but I am disappointed. After a year she still has stomach issues and her stool will never be normal. I will never purchase from this company again. Thank you

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