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Punjab National Bank

I went to deposit hundred rupee in my account at the Nehru road branch of Punjab National Bank at Siliguri.After standing for 2 hours in queue, when my turn came, the personnel sitting in the counter asked me the amount of money I had to deposit.After listening, he said to me to stand in another counter.I asked him the reason for saying so since the counter read that amount upto Rs 20, 000 could be deposited in that counter.The personnel behaved in such a irritating way and said he wont take the money and asked me to leave.I went to the manager.The manager again was such a hopeless person, and he said to me that he wont do anything.Whatever the person at the counter said is final and nothing can be done.Such was the behavior of the personnel of PNB with the customer.


  1. Shannon Bunton May 26, 2020
  2. Nell Onezne May 26, 2020

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